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The Truth of Nootropics: Are They Safe and Effective?



The Truth of Nootropics: Are They Safe and Effective

There are numerous dietary supplements available in the market these days. From hair to face to body, you can make anything better just by consuming these vitamins. You must have heard about these stunning supplements, but do you know that there are certain brain-boosters or enhancers that improve your cognitive functions, memory and focus? These ‘smart drugs’ are known as Nootropics and are expected to be the next big thing in the health and wellness industry for this class of drugs is known to heal people suffering from brain problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson Disease, and ADHD.

Even though the research is still in fancy and the evidence is quite limited to prove the safety, authenticity and effectiveness of these drugs, there are anecdotes across the world where people claimed to have found relief from this problem. So, what is a Nootropic and, what’s the truth of Nootropics? Are they safe? Do they work? We will find out the same in this article. Read on!


What are Nootropics?

To put it simply, Nootropics, known as brain enhancers or smart drugs, are a class of substances that enhance learning, focus and memory of the brain. These are often referred to as brain-boosters for their ability to keep the brain safe and healthy and also keep it protected from diseases, such as ADHD and Alzheimer’s. If you are dealing with a brain-related disease, then a prescribed Nootropics might come in handy for you. These also help in removing brain fog and elevate motivation levels inside

The term was coined by Romanian scientist, Corneliu C. Giurgea, which means ‘shape or bend the mind’ in Ancient Greek. In the 1960s, he successfully developed an unusual molecule that was able to enter the brain. With numerous trials and studies, it was observed that this molecule, which was later referred to as Piracetam, showed noticeable difference in the patients dealing with various brain-related conditions in a positive way.

With time, the studies, however limited, increased and today, it has come to the point that people duly believe the power of Nootropics in enhancing their brain power.


Are they safe to take?

These supplements are made from vitamins, herbs, stimulants and other nutritious ingredients. Thus, these products cannot be mood-altering or psychoactive or intoxicating in nature. So, the answer is that Nootropics are absolutely safe to take. However, you must do your own research and also stay in consultation with your doctor before and after starting the course for yourself.

Based on the popularity of the same, Nootropics are being consumed at a speed of light by entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, life coaches, artists and other successful people. Nootropics are designed to be therapeutic in nature. Also, therapeutic properties of Nootropics do not mean that they are addictive in nature or develop tolerance in people. So, be assured that there is no chance for dependency or withdrawal symptoms of Nootropics consumption.


What makes Nootropics safe?

It is quite a task to ensure the safety of Nootropics. One reason for the same is that unlike pharmaceutical drugs, these supplements do not go through complex clinical trials. However, the Nootropics are considered to be of great quality when they are third-party lab tested and go through clinical trials as well.

Even so, Nootropics are considered safe and effective to use without trials. However, if their safety is questioned, then they might have to go through certain clinical tests to prove their authenticity.

There are certain points to consider at the time of checking the safety of Nootropics. You can check them below-

1. Clinical setting profile – When Nootropics are backed by a strong research, when administered in a clinical setting ensures the safety of the supplements.

2. Advanced quality Nootropics – When these magical pills have high quality ingredients and are recognized by a registered brand, they often ensure their safety and effectiveness. Since a good brand name directs good quality of product, the safety is more and chances of side-effects, if any, are lessened.

3. Well-thought formulation – Most Nootropic formulation recommends the minimum effective dosage and avoids overdosing, even though there are minimal chances of a supplement leading to any danger. Safety conscious formulation leads to the safe, comfortable, and effective boosting of the brain.

4. Quality manufacturing – Good manufacturing prices (GMP) are the guidelines that are set specifically to prevent the potential harm from occurring to the user. From the raw ingredient training (removal of dangerous microbes and contaminants), facility cleanliness (air filtration, sterile equipment, and elimination safety risks of cross-examination) to the maintenance of the equipment (smooth-running machinery), Nootropics go through heavy quality manufacturing before the final product comes out.

5. Clean products – Nootropics supplements, sometimes, come with food dyes, artificial colours, artificial preservatives and Gluten, which may affect smooth functioning of the brain. Thus, it is required to check the ingredients before purchasing the product, especially if you are a first timer.


Some tips for taking Nootropics in a safe manner

Below are some general steps that will further ensure the safety of Nootropics that you are intending to take-

· Consult your doctor or a medical health professional before starting the course. It is always safer to take doctor’s advice before trying a new medical treatment, however safe it might seem.

· Avoid DIY stacking unless you are a trained expert. Stacks are the combined products of various herbs and stimulants that together form effective Nootropics. Do not rely on online hacks to make your own at home.

· It is not safe to take Nootropics when you are under the age of 18, pregnant, taking an alternative medication, etc.


Do Nootropics work?

When it comes to learning or proving the effectiveness of Nootropics, the evidence is quite limited. According to this report, there aren’t enough studies or research done in this area to prove the effectiveness of cognitive enhancers on people.

However, there has been certain evidence where individual Nootropics, such as caffeine and omega-3 fatty acids do help in boosting brain power, which results in the better functioning of the organ.

However, there are several stories spread across the world where people found relief in their otherwise anxious brain functioning. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for some time to really understand how and if Nootropics work.


So, should you have Nootropics?

In a single word, yes, you should give Nootropics a try, especially if you are suffering from a brain-related problem like ADHD. However, for serious problems, you should get a prescription from a doctor rather than getting over-the-counter Nootropics for self-treatment. Please, do your own research and consultation before starting your own course on Nootropics. Also, do remember to buy only high quality supplements that come with third-party tests, certification, well-designed formulations and clean labels. Buy the products from a well-reputed company as well, and you will be good to try them.


We all know that the best way to keep your brain and body healthy is by working out daily, having a good sleeping routine, doing what we truly love in life and eating a nutritious diet in life. All the doctors suggest to follow the aforementioned things over having a supplement or any other medication.

However, in today’s world, stress and bad lifestyle has become a part of our routine, so much that we don’t even have time to consider good and healthy habits, let alone start them. Thus, supplements like Nootropics have become the need of the hour. So, go ahead and try them and see for yourself, that is, how effective do they seem to you. As for the safety of the same, be assured that you will be fine.

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