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Thailand Reports First Monkeypox Case In Transit Passenger To Australia

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(CTN News) – In Thailand, the Disease Control Department reported the first case of monkeypox in a passenger traveling from Europe who halted at an international airport in Bangkok for about two hours before continuing onto a flight to Australia, where he later developed symptoms.

The 12 passengers and crew on the same flight who had close contact with the infected passenger have now been quarantined for seven days in Thailand. They have not shown any symptoms of monkeypox, but they will be isolated for 21 days to ensure their safety, according to the Bureau of Epidemiology’s Chakkarat Pittayawonganon.

The business Class passenger in transit from Europe to Australia last week tested positive for Monkeypox

According to Dr. Chakkarat, tests on five tourists in Phuket, including three brothers from Ireland, who were initially assumed to have monkeypox after developing blisters, actually showed they were infected with herpes, not monkeypox.

The three brothers have not been in close contact with anyone infected with monkeypox, according to the doctor.

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According to him, a suspected monkeypox patient is defined as someone with blisters on their face or body with a history of close contact with an infected person within the past 21 days, has traveled from a country where the infection is endemic, has engaged in activities with the infected, or has shared a room with one who is infected.

Dr. Chakkarat said that suspected cases will be subjected to tests, background checks, disease investigation, treatment, and quarantine until they are proven to be free of the disease.

Upon diagnosis, the infected person will receive treatment and be isolated for 21 days.

Between May 7th and May 29th, there were 406 confirmed cases in 32 countries and 88 suspected cases.

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