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Learning How to Push Your Pilates Fitness Goals With Megaformer



Learn How to Push Your Pilates Fitness Goals With Megaformer

If you’re anything like me and have long enjoyed the benefits of doing Pilates, then I’m sure that you’ve thought about maybe purchasing a pilates reformer to be able to train at home, especially during this time of Covid. A pilates fitness reformer has always helped us and has been a great way to work on our core strength and our muscle flexibility.

However, a Megaformer has even more features than a regular pilates reformer. So, when making a pilates equipment purchase, a Megaformer is something worth knowing about. This will help you in deciding whether to make a useful piece of equipment, like this, your own.

What is a Megaformer?

A megaformer is a specialised apparatus that has all the features of a traditional pilates reformer. The equipment is essentially a sturdy metal frame that has a robust, moveable platform that glides across it, a sliding carriage.

However a megaformer has additional features. The megaformer will always have adjustable springs or a spring system in the centre of the piece. This will create more resistance as the carriage moves. You may be asking yourself, how this can help your workout?

Well, the resistance that the springs provide means that the exercise also becomes cardiovascular. This means that the workout is now about sweating and burning energy.The megaformer isn’t just about traditional pilates stretches, it’s now also about a cardio workout.

So it goes without saying that a megaformer provides more exercise options. The resistance is designed to be low impact. This means that the focus of the exercise is about proper postural alignment and increasing your core strength!

Unique and Key Features of the Megaformer

The spring system isn’t the only feature of the Megaformer that we can observe. There are other unique features as well. There is a Megaformer that is manufactured by Lagree Fitness Plus called the M3 Megaformer and this represents all the key features a Megaformer would need.

There are additional bars and handles that make more positioning options possible. There is also an option of attaching cables to the handles to increase resistance for a muscular workout.

These handles can also rotate to a variety of positions.The Top handles can rotate 90 degrees and the lower handles can be swivelled to an ‘out’ or an ‘inner’ position.

The M3 Megaformer has two openings at the back and the front of the carriage for positioning hands and feet. There is also a great feature that I personally thought was excellent and that was the stability bar. The carriage platform has stability bars on either side that give you more stability whilst exercising.

A final feature of any megaformer is that the front platform should help you with body positioning and alignment. It is clear to see, when perusing over the M3 megaformer, that their front platform has been designed with this in mind. The Lagree Fitness M3 Megaformers platform is angular and less square. As someone who has done pilates for years, I have found that the shape of the platform is something that has been overlooked and can be helpful when aligning yourself.

What Fitness Goals can be improved?

If your megaformer is about more than just about improving your core strength and flexibility, and giving yourself a cardio workout at the same time, then these features will give an extra dimension to your pilates session.

By increasing the resistance on the spring system, you will really improve tension hits for your glutes, your hamstrings and your abs. The benefits of an ‘abs workout’ don’t need mentioning! All of us are looking to strengthen our abs and provide additional tone to our stomachs and above the waist.

For me, that was always a highlight of doing pilates. I wanted to strengthen my abs whilst keeping my core strength at the same time. A megaformer really gives me the opportunity to do both.

So when you look at your pilates workout holistically, you can clearly see for yourself that a Megaformer will be training bigger muscle groups.

Now, I know that a Megaformer is a little bit more of a significant purchase than a running machine. Believe it or not, a megaformer, even though there are no electric parts, still required a great amount of engineering and attention to design. Whilst prices may be higher than a normal fitness machine, the investment is well worth it.

It will serve your pilates workout needs for a lifetime. If you have a pilates gym, then your members will really appreciate all the potential workout options that a Megaformer can provide.

And the M3 Megaformer really does deserve some special attention.

Author Bio:

Written by Meghan Hale, a content writer and editing machine. She is working with Deepak Shukla. You’ll find me yelling at my dog to stop barking, whether it be at the neighbours or on a long afternoon walk



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