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Dengue Kills 11 People a Day In Bangladesh: 1,333 Cases



Dengue Kills 11 People a Day In Bangladesh: 1,333 Cases

(CTN News) – Dengue cases have increased by 1,333 to 288,572 so far this year in Bangladesh according to the most recent daily report, which comes from the World Health Organization.

It has been reported that the mosquito-borne disease caused 11 deaths within 24 hours of Friday morning, bringing the number of deaths this year to 1,460, according to the Directorate General of Health Services.

It was reported that 298 people were admitted to hospitals in Dhaka during the period under review, while 1,035 cases were reported in the other districts during the same period. The attack outside of the capital resulted in the deaths of eight people as a result of the violence.

Six thousand and two hundred and eighty-nine dengue patients were being treated in hospitals across the country on Wednesday morning, with 1,589 of them treated in Dhaka, while 4,619 of them were treated outside the city.

A record number of 79,598 dengue cases and 396 deaths were reported in September at the height of the worst outbreak of dengue disease ever recorded, and this figure increased to 67,769 cases and 359 deaths in October at the height of the worst outbreak ever recorded. In August, there were an estimated 71,976 cases that were reported, with 342 deaths being reported as a result of the disease.

A total of 112 deaths have been reported in the first ten days of November, according to reports that have been published.

There have been a total of 17,397 new cases of dengue registered between this period and the same period last year, which represents an increase from the previous year.

As a result of a prolonged monsoon season and rising temperatures along with a lack of effective measures to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the known carrier of the virus, which has been causing the outbreak to occur, the cause of the outbreak has been attributed to these factors.


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