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Kings Romans Casino Slots Odds, Tips and Strategy

A lot of literature has gone into devising the best mechanism to trick slot machines and land massive payouts.



Kings Romans Casino is located in the Ton Pheung district on the banks of Mekong River in Bokeo Province, Laos.

The casino has no official web presence nor media except a YouTube video but there are plenty of images of it to be found online, as well as anecdotal stories.

The Kings Romans Casino is part of the Bokea Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in northern Laos where the Chinese are investing a lot of money for tax-free development.

Projects in the SEZ are granted a 99 year lease, at the end of which all properties are to be ceded to the Laotian government.

The casino has its own security force inside and outside – so visitors from Laos, United States, Europe, China, and Thailand are well behaved.

Guests are served water, tea, and coffee and you will hear live piano music coming from the lounge. Smoking is allowed in all areas of the casino.

Visitors will find slot machines as well as all the classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and others.

Slot Machine Odds – Tips and Strategy

A lot of literature has gone into devising the best mechanism to trick slot machines and land massive payouts.

With this literature, we’ve heard and read about tons of misconceptions that promise landslide victory at slot machines online both in incredible payouts and consistency of winning.

One truth, however, that the creators of these misleading ideas will not tell you is that at no point will slot machines be designed to take in less money and return more. This is the truth you need to hear – they come with room for guaranteed profits and players have nothing to do and make things different from our end.

So how do I develop the best slot strategy with mountains of odds stacked against me? Well, only two things are important here – learn how to increase your winning chances and how to duck losses that otherwise loom large. These are the two basic ingredients of a good slot machine strategy.

Exclusive Insight about Slots

We can all go on and on about the factors that determine a good slot: visual effects, captivating gameplay, intriguing features, marvelous themes, a variety of wager choices. On and on it goes…

The one side we don’t pay attention is the strategic perspective regarding slots. The amazing reviews by sites and developers have often lured us into playing slots without much effort to discover and strategize from our end.

To get started, here are some thoughts on how you can better manage your bankroll:

Define Your Loss and Win Limits

This tip will save you from some tedious mathematics regarding bankroll management. None of the budget and unit bet size calculations are required here.

Figure out how much you can afford losing and divide that by the total hours you hope to gamble. Do not heap more losses in one hour than what you can afford to lose per hour.

Win limits get a little more personal. That said, it doesn’t matter where you place your win limit. Just have that point at which you’ll walk away to keep yourself from turning your fortune into losses.

Pick the Lowest Coin-Size at Machine that Interests You

We’ve seen many online newbies gravitate towards one dollar slots because they find decimal figures hard to interpret. The results have always been their bankrolls evaporating in the shortest time of play.

We recommend cheaper denominations, which of course are both less risky and less rewarding. Penny slots will not make you rich just like they won’t make you broke. It’s the exact opposite with the high dollar slots. The bottom line, therefore, is establishing your betting comfort zone.

Be Part of the Casino Clubs

Joining slot’s clubs, rewards clubs, player’s club, loyalty club among other casino social gatherings is as priceless as the incentive to join. How else would casinos keep track of play records and reward their loyal fans?

If you can’t be found anywhere on the tracking grid, then you’ve no chance with plenty of free stuff. Free bets include welcome offers, loyalty points, deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses programs that many casinos run. Free bets are rare opportunities to spend less and stand a chance to win more. Thus, always make sure to make the best out of them.

Basic Slot Machine Tips and Strategies

How Do You Place Your Bets?

Wager to the maximum on each spin, so the smart money says. This is not so good news if you’re a low roller, but it’s definitely your greatest chance with lucrative wins. Understand that how much you win depends on the value of symbols completing winning combinations and the size of your stake.

A maximum bet plus a maximum value combination equal a maximum payout in most slot machines. That said, you won’t stop kicking yourself when your luck strikes only to find you with one or two active pay lines. This means it’s best if you picked a slot machine playable at the max bet level you can afford.

Simplest Games Have the Best Odds

If you’re not out for the best entertainment, then you’re looking to save and make money with the simplest game. Slots with many bonus games, special video, and audio effects, and progressive jackpots tend to come with high per-spin costs and longest odds.

It’s enough to play a classic-style slot, one that many people find boring, knowing that you’re in for a good deal from a perspective of odds.

Caution against Progressive Slots

There is no progressive jackpot slot ever released without a promise of some life-changing wins for players. The problem is not about how much they live to honour these promises, but how much their hard-to-earn lucrative prizes draw in players who can’t keep up with huge risks and long-odds contests playing these slots. If you’re serious about your bankroll management intention, then you will have to think again before placing a single bet on progressive jackpot slots.

What Would You Play Instead?

If you don’t want to be losing to the house on the same slot machines over and over anymore, you will want to consider investing in classics like:

  • Video Poker

Many slot machines come with a house edge of about 5%. Some states allow casino house edges as ridiculous like 25%. This wouldn’t be anywhere close to a choice.

You’ll, however, be pleased to discover that many Poker video games have a house edge in a range of 1% to 2%. And, there is a reward for skill. You can learn and stick to a basic strategy, winning handsomely and losing less.

  • Roulette

To start with, roulette is quite easy to observe and learn. And, like slot machines, it gives you a range of winning possibilities. Sticking to minimum bets of even-money propositions, for instance, you get the best possible odds.

  • Craps

Admittedly, we found this a long shot advising slot enthusiasts to start thinking along this line. The sole reason that craps are quick-paced like slot machines even look leaner. Maybe we should further point out the idea of drama at craps tables.

And if you got thinking of craps as long proposition, then it’s fitting to mention that most bets on the crap board have a lower house edge, lower than even video Poker.

Summarizing Word

We haven’t mentioned how awful some slot machines can be, that you won’t even have a clean shot on their house edge. This dwarfs your efforts towards a strategic play to some level.

The basic strategy, however, still holds: holding onto your money as long as you can while advancing your chances for greater payouts.

But if you still want to take a risk, then try sites such as, that provide you with reviews, demo games and fair options for real play.

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