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Husband Arrested for Deadly Acid Attack, While Hospital in Damage Control

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NAKOHN SAWAN – A 50-year-old man was arrested early on Monday morning for allegedly pouring liquid acid over his new wife’s face and into her mouth. She died after allegedly being denied proper treatment at a private hospital in Bangkok.

Kamtan Singhanat was arrested at a friend’s house in Nakhon Sawan province on Sunday and taken immediately to Tha Kham police station in Bangkok, Thai media reported.

Police planned a crime scene re-enactment later on Monday.

Mr Kamtam had only recently married the 38-year-old victim, Chorlada Tarawan. He is accused of pouring acid into her mouth and on her face on Saturday in a fit of jealousy.

The woman’s 12-year-old daughter rushed her by taxi for treatment, directing the driver to Bangmod Hospital in Chom Thong district. The driver instead took them to Praram 2 Hospital, a private hospital in Bang Khun Thien, saying it was much closer and her condition was clearly dire.

Staff at Praram 2 Hospital later called a taxi to take the victim and her daughter to Bangmod Hospital. Chorlada reportedly died on the way.

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Activist lawyer Atchariya Rueangratanapong on Sunday accused hospital management of failing to provide proper service to Chorlada Tarawan, who died of acid burns on the way to a second hospital.

Activist lawyer Atchariya Rueangratanapong accompanied two of the dead woman’s angry relatives to Praram 2 Hospital on Sunday, where they accused the hospital of failing to help her.

According to the Bangkok Post, Dr. Wallaya Chaiyamanowong, director of Praram 2 Hospital implied that the patient wanted treatment at Bang Mod Hospital, where she had medical welfare coverage.

Staff of Praram 2 Hospital applied first aid and decided the victim’s condition was not life-threatening. A nurse gave the daughter 40 baht to pay for a taxi.

Atchariya said he would like the Public Health Ministry and the Medical Council to probe the conduct of the hospital and its staff.

The Department of Health Service Support is investigating the way Praram 2 Hospital treated the woman.

Meanwhile, the victim’s husband, Mr Kamtan, is being held in custody after confessing that he threw acid at Ms Dhorladda out of jealousy. He insisted that he didn’t intend to kill her but just wanted to disfigure her.

Source: Thai PBS, Bangkok Post

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