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Chiang Rai Police Seize 2 Million Meth Pills in Major Crackdown on Drug Trafficking



Chiang Rai Police Seize 2 Million Meth Pills in Major Crackdown on Drug Trafficking

(CTN News) – In a significant operation against drug trafficking, the Chiang Rai Police Force has successfully seized nearly two million Meth Pills in two separate cases.

This crackdown, spanning from October 2022 to July 2023, falls under the efforts of the Region 5 Provincial Police, resulting in the interception of over 90 million meth pills and the confiscation of assets worth 453 million baht.

First Case: Meth Pills Seizure in Chiang Rai City:

The initial incident occurred within the jurisdiction of the Chiang Rai City Police Station, where law enforcement apprehended a suspect with 200,000 meth pills.

On August 18, around 11.40 pm, the suspect, operating as a courier, parked a vehicle near the Mong Kao Lang village in Mae Fa Luang district, Chiang Rai.

The vehicle was subsequently retrieved and returned to the same location, concealing 200,000 meth pills within the spare tire.

The suspect’s task involved transporting the vehicle to a specific location on the Salalim road in Phaya Mengrai district, Chiang Rai, a tactic frequently utilized by drug smuggling rings.

The suspect confessed to this being his second time transporting a stash of meth pills, revealing that he was compensated 50,000 baht for his involvement.

Second Case: Massive Meth Haul in Mae Chan:

In a separate operation conducted within the jurisdiction of Mae Chan Police Station, Chiang Rai, law enforcement successfully seized nearly two million meth pills. The Chiang Rai Provincial Narcotics Suppression Division received intelligence about a suspicious vehicle entering the area.

Around 1.50 am, the vehicle was spotted at a petrol station in Mae Chan and was subsequently tracked as it left the station, heading towards Pa Miang village within the same district. While the officers temporarily lost sight of the vehicle, they remained vigilant.

At approximately 2.40 am, the suspicious vehicle passed through a checkpoint in Pa Miang, prompting a swift pursuit. The vehicle turned onto a village lane, abruptly stopping, allowing two individuals to escape from the driver’s and passenger’s sides, disappearing into the darkness.

A search of the vehicle revealed 17 backpacks containing approximately 1.77 million meth pills. Authorities are confident in issuing arrest warrants for the culprits shortly.

Connection to the Mong Kao Lang Group:

Both cases revealed a common link to a drug smuggling organization known as the Mong Kao Lang group. This group specializes in short-haul drug transportation from the border area of Mae Fa Luang district, Chiang Rai, to regions including Chiang Khong, Phaya Mengrai, and Theing within Chiang Rai.

Their modus operandi involves opportunistically transporting drugs such as meth pills into the central region. There are suspicions of connections between the group and individuals like Boonchai or Pauli Zaem Mua, who currently evades arrest in a neighboring country.

Region 5 Provincial Police’s Impressive Drug Seizures:

Between October of the previous year and the recent month, the Region 5 Provincial Police accomplished a remarkable feat, making 28,094 arrests related to drug-related offenses, including 128 major cases.

Noteworthy seized evidence comprises 90,850,519 meth pills, 2,719 kilograms of crystal meth, 435 kilograms of ketamine, and 182 kilograms of heroin.

The overall value of the confiscated assets is estimated at around 453 million baht, underscoring the effectiveness of the police force’s efforts against drug trafficking.


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