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Woman kills herself in Chiang Mai After 5.2 Million Baht Scam by Call Center Fraudsters



Woman kills herself in Chiang Mai After 5.2 Million Baht Scam by Call Center Fraudsters

(CTN News) – In a devastating incident that shook the serene town of Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, a 62-year-old woman named Yupin tragically ended her life after falling victim to a group of call center fraudsters.

The financial toll of this deceit amounted to a staggering 5.2 million baht. This heart-wrenching case has prompted Sector 5 Police to launch a relentless pursuit of 14 additional suspects linked to this distressing incident.

The Deceptive Lure: MJINTONG and the Million Baht Loss

Yupin’s life took a tragic turn when she was enticed by a group of call center scammers who convinced her to invest and undertake various tasks on the online platform MJINTONG. The deceptive promise of substantial returns led to her devastating loss of over 5.2 million baht. The shocking revelation of this scheme unfolded at 11 am, brought to light by Sector 5 Police.

The Scam Unveiled: False Promises and Suffering

The modus operandi of the call center fraudsters involved convincing Yupin to invest money with the allure of generous returns. Her initial investment of 30,000 baht promised a reward of 899 baht, igniting a cycle of continuous financial transfers in pursuit of greater income.

A Complex Money Trail: The Tiered Account System

Evidence points to the fraudsters employing a sophisticated tiered account system to manage the ill-gotten funds. The victim’s money was first funneled into level 1 accounts before being moved to level 2 accounts, totaling 21 accounts in all.

Among these, ten were classified as level 1 accounts, and the remaining eleven were designated as level 2 accounts. An ongoing investigation is unraveling the allocation of some of the victim’s funds to a level 3 account.

Apprehending the Culprits: Six in Custody, 14 Still on the Run

As the investigation intensifies, six individuals tied to the case have been apprehended thus far. This includes three Thai nationals from the level 1 account group and three individuals from the level 2 account group, consisting of two Thais and one foreign national. The remaining 14 suspects are still at large, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the case.

Escalating Fraud Cases: A Growing Concern

The surge in fraudulent activities has sounded the alarm across Chiang Mai. Sector 5 Police reported a startling statistic, with over 13,000 cases of funds being transferred to deceptive accounts and over 5,000 accounts frozen as a preventive measure.

In Chiang Mai alone, there have been 15,000 reported cases, resulting in more than 3,600 accounts being frozen. Authorities are now expanding their investigations into other provinces to combat this escalating menace.

A Grim Reminder: Another Tragic Loss to a Call Center Scam

In a related incident that underscores the gravity of the issue, a student from Nakhon Si Thammarat province took her own life on October 15, following a scam involving the purchase of an iPhone.

The escalating call center fraud cases in Chiang Mai and the tragic consequences they bring serve as a stark reminder of the pressing need to address this growing threat and protect vulnerable individuals from falling victim to these ruthless scammers.

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