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In Costa Rica, Starbucks Will Open A Lab Dedicated To Sustainability Learning



In Costa Rica, Starbucks Will Open A Lab Dedicated To Sustainability Learning

(CTN News) – As part of Starbucks’ global coffee house chain, there is going to be a new sustainability learning and innovation lab opening at Hacienda Alsacia, one of Costa Rica’s biggest coffeehouse chains.

With the proposed lab, Starbucks will be able to create and scale sustainable offerings for environmental and social challenges such as climate adaptation and agricultural economics, by providing hands-on and virtual learning opportunities to Starbucks partners, employees, students, researchers, and industry leaders.

During the next three years, it is expected that the lab will be open for business.

Also, Starbucks has collaborated with Arizona State University (ASU) to develop educational programming to be offered in the lab, with plans to offer the first set of courses to ASU students and Starbucks partners this coming year as part of the collaboration.

It is expected that the first set will use ASU’s educational technology to offer multiple experiences such as study abroad opportunities that are a part of the current degree programs at ASU, including Sustainability, Sustainable Food Systems and Global Agribusiness.

Starbucks is the only company that owns and operates a coffee farm, and the Hacienda Alsacia location is the company’s first and only coffee farm.

Besides serving as the company’s global agronomy headquarters for research and development, this location also functions as the company’s global agronomy lab, allowing the company to develop and test disease-resistant coffee trees as well as create and share agricultural practices in order to maximize production.

During the announcement, Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan said that “this is an opportunity for us to advance our environmental commitment to give more than we take, as well as our commitment to our farmers to ensure the future of coffee for everyone.”.

“As much as we know we cannot do this important work alone, as well as the possibilities that are at our disposal in scaling up solutions,

It is worth noting that this latest development comes after Starbucks announced the launch of cheaper and smaller drink sizes in India only days earlier.


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