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Lamborghini Aventador’s Successor Could Look Like This



Lamborghini Aventador's Successor Could Look Like This

(CTN News) – Consumers often think of Lamborghini when they think of supercars. It’s no surprise since they are known for manufacturing supercar icons.

The Aventador, their newest flagship model, has gained a large following over the years.

Despite its fame, Lamborghini cannot continue to produce the same model forever. In production for 11 years, the Aventador.

Lamborghini now has the opportunity to further develop their flagship supercar. Before the end of 2022, the last Aventador models will arrive.

As a result, the world is wondering what the replacement for the Aventador will be. YouTuber Hycade has provided one concept to imagine in the meantime.

Imagine the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in 2024

In a new digital rendering by Hycade, Lamborghini enthusiasts can get a glimpse of what the successor to the Aventador SVJ could look like. Perhaps Hycade modeled the Aventador successor based on spy shots.

Headlights, an angular body shape, and exhaust pipe position are some of the design cues that resemble the classified successor model.

As in the original spy shots, the latter lacks four pipes within hexagonal frames.

The digital model also features a carbon-colored spoiler, hood and side air intakes, and aerodynamic trimming. There is no doubt that Hycade’s model looks like a with updated technology and physical features.

The Aventador’s successor remains difficult to gauge compared to well-known models, however.

Who Will Be The Successor To The Aventador?

According to Lamborghini’s website, the Aventador will be the last naturally-aspirated V12 before full hybridization. It stands in stark contrast to all previous Lamborghini flagships.

The Countach, Diablo, and Murcielago were all built on an engine that has been in production since 1963. Among these household names, the Aventador will be the last to feature a V12 engine without an electric motor.

Creating a new flagship with a hybrid engine that can compete with its gasoline counterparts appears to be one of their greatest challenges.

The task of naming the Aventador’s successor is another challenge. It is not known what the names will be, but if history is any indication, one can expect a Spanish name that relates to bullfighting.

Although as with Lamborghini’s other flagship cars, the next Lamborghini is likely to be given a title that is as thoughtful as its potential design.

As time progresses, Lamborghini fans will be able to determine what the company is building for sure. It is hoped that the model that will replace the Aventador will be as visually stunning as Hycade’s renderings.


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