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Thailand Tries to Stem the Tide of Illegal Migrants from Myanmar



Thailand Tries to Stem the Tide of Illegal Migrants from Myanmar

Border security authorities are stepping up efforts to prevent the illegal entry of people from Myanmar into Thailand through Kanchanaburi province. Authorities have warned that any state officials found to be involved in human trafficking will face severe punishment from law enforcement.

Gen. Kongcheep Tantravanich, of the Defence Ministry, said on Tuesday that authorities had obtained information suggesting a looming influx of people from Myanmar due to the growing instability in their own country.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has emphasized that authorities must ramp up their efforts at the Thai-Myanmar borders in northern and northeastern Thailand.

Gen Kongcheep said any migrant workers caught trying to enter Thailand illegally will be immediately deported.

He said the prime minister also called for the Defence Department to increase border patrols. Furthermore, to clarify that severe legal action would be taken against anyone involved with human trafficking networks. Especially state officials.

He said “If state officials are implicated, police will arrest them and seize all their assets. Even more, state officials would face criminal punishment and be removed from their office.”

Myanmar nationals continue to flood Thailand’s borders

In the past few days, 457 migrant workers from Myanmar and four Thai nationals have been arrested. The job seekers from Myanmar told police they paid up to 20,000 baht each for safe passage across the border.

Most of the Myanmar job seekers heading for Samut Sakhon; Chonburi; Ratchaburi; Rayong; Nonthaburi; Pathum Thani; Ayutthaya; and Bangkok.

In Kanchanaburi province, authorities arrested another 71 Myanmar nationals who illegally crossed into Sai Yok district on Monday. Raised the number caught in one day in the district to 260. Authorities expect much more to follow.

Immigration and border security police said a fourth group of job seekers, 36 men and 35 women, were nabbed by a patrol entering Thailand through a natural border crossing.

They paid 17,000-20,000 baht each to brokers in Myanmar for jobs in Bangkok; Samut Sakhon; Nakhon Pathom; Saraburi; Chon Buri; and Kanchanaburi.

Immigration police said they will all be deported.

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