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Japan to Start Hunting Fin Whales Despite World Condemnation

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Japan to Start Hunting Fin Whales Despite World Condemnation

Japan will add large fin whales to its list of commercial whaling species despite world condemnation, government spokesperson Yoshimasa Hayashi announced on Thursday, five years after leaving an international group that governs the commercial hunt for marine mammals.

Japan started commercial whaling in its territorial waters and exclusive economic zones in 2019 after resigning from the International Whaling Commission. This Monday, the Fisheries Agency requested public feedback on a proposed modification to its aquatic resource control policies that would allow commercial fin whale catching.

The Japanese government will continue to encourage whaling and take the required diplomatic efforts, Hayashi stated during a regular press briefing.

“Whales are important food resources and should be used sustainably, based on scientific evidence,” said Hayashi, the top cabinet secretary, in reference to increasing the permissible catch to include fin whales.

According to the Fisheries Agency, Japan caught a total of 294 Minke whales, Bryde’s whales, and Sei whales last year. Commercial whaling is now limited to these three relatively small species.

Commercial Whale Killing Banned

Whale consumption peaked in Japan in the early 1960s, but it did not spread as alternative meat became more accessible. Environmentalists chastised Japan for initiating what it called scientific research whaling in 1987, following an IWC decision prohibiting commercial whale killings.

Australia and New Zealand were among the countries who voiced sadness when Japan announced its withdrawal from the IWC in 2018.

Japan’s whaling industry continues to arouse global outrage. Despite a global prohibition on commercial whaling, Japan hunts whales for “scientific research” objectives, exploiting a loophole to perpetuate the whaling tradition.

Japan has often faced worldwide criticism and economic fines for its whaling practices.

Japan Defends Whale Killings

Whale hunting has long been part of Japanese culture. Pro-whaling activists believe that it is an essential element of their heritage and food culture. Critics see the procedure as cruel and needless.

Over hunting is putting many whale species at risk of extinction. Japan claims their whale catch is sustainable, and the research is critical for controlling whale populations.

Annually, tensions rise when Japanese whaling ships make sail for the Antarctic Ocean. Anti-whaling activists challenge whalers at sea, resulting in violent fights.

Japan opposes calls to stop whaling, claiming that its research program complies with international standards. The meat from slain whales is marketed commercially, creating suspicion about Japan’s motivations.

With diminishing demand for whale meat among younger generations, Japan’s whaling future is dubious. Traditionalists zealously defend whaling rights, while conservationists call for a stop to the cruel practice. The emotionally charged whaling issue shows no signs of abating anytime soon.


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