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Foreigner Sought after Woman Raped at Thai Massage Shop



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Police in northeastern Thailand are hunting a foreign national after a masseuse of a traditional Thai massage shop was assaulted and raped in Khon Kaen on Monday.

The 45-year-old masseuse was working alone at the Dee Na massage parlour in Khon Kaen when the attack occurred. Police said a foreign man had been seen visiting the massage parlour and they believed him to be the culprit.

Police said they reviewed CCTV footage and it showed that after the assault, the foreign man was captured fleeing on a motorcycle. The woman was taken to Khon Kaen Hospital and is in stable condition.

Doctors say the woman has regained consciousness but is still not in any condition to talk to the police.

Khon Kaen police said a witness she saw a foreign man wearing trousers and a red coloured shirt walk out of the shop, cross the road and get onto his motorcycle that was parked in front of her house.

The man smiled at her, put on his helmet and left, the witness told police.

Moments later, another neighbour yelled out that water was flowing out of the massage parlour.

Arrest warrant issued to police

The witness said told police she phoned the massage shop owner, who resides in Bangkok. She viewed the massage shop’s internal cameras and saw the woman lying naked on the floor. She immediately called the witness back and told her to call the police.

When officers arrived at the scene they found the woman choked and beaten on the floor inside.

Khon Kaen police said the victim’s son told them his mother had worked in Australia for seven years. She returned to Thailand about seven months ago and took up work at the massage shop.

When police interviewed other staff from the Thai massage parlour the masseuse said they believed the assailant to be a foreigner who visited the shop 2 days a week. They said the customer was aggressive and often swore at them.

Investigators also believe the foreigner isn’t a resident of Khon Kaen and may be linked to the molestation of a schoolgirl that happened the same day.

Pol Col Preecha Kengsarikit, chief of the Khon Kaen city police station said the court has issued an open warrant for the unnamed suspect’s arrest.

Source: Bangkok Post


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