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China Send 56 Warplanes into Taiwan’s Airspace, Testing Biden




China’s military flew 56 warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace on Monday as an aggressive show of force against the self-governed island. China has continued for three days of sustained military harassment against Taiwan.

The Chinese Airforce’s first sortie of 52 planes which included 34 J-16 fighter jets and 12 H-6 bombers, among other aircraft, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense told a press briefing.

Later, four more Chinese J-16s flew toward the southwestern part of Taiwan’s air defence identification zone.

Taiwan’s air force scrambled its F-16 fighter planes and monitored the movement of China’s warplanes on its air defence system, the Ministry of National Defense said.

China’s communist party the CCP claims democratically ruled Taiwan as its own territory. Xi Jinping wants Taiwan to be brought under his control by force if necessary. Jinping refuses to recognize Taiwan’s government and has increasingly sought to isolate the independence-minded administration of President Tsai Ing-wen.

Military experts have above all called the flights and other military maneuvers ordered by Xi Jinping, gray zone warfare. Many liberal experts believe the display of force will lead to war.

Taiwan fears invasion from China

Meanwhile, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu told ABC News that“ Taiwan very concerned that China is going to launch a war against the island at some point. Xi Jinping is testing the Biden Administration.”

Taiwan and China split during a civil war in 1949, and China’s President Xi Jinping opposes Taiwan’s involvement in any international organizations. This month Taiwan applied to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

On China’s National Day, Xi Jinping sent 38 warplanes into Taiwan’s airspace and 39 aircraft on Saturday. He then sent an additional 16 warplanes on Sunday.

In Washington D.C., White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said: “We remain concerned by the People’s Republic of China’s provocative military activity near Taiwan. These actions are destabilizing, risks miscalculations and undermines regional peace in the area. We urge Xi Jinping to cease his military, diplomatic and economic pressure and coercion against Taiwan.

In response, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the U.S. selling weapons to Taiwan, and US, British and Australian warships navigating the Taiwan Strait are also “provocating actions that are harming U.S-China relations.

Furthermore, China will take all necessary countermeasures and crush any ‘Taiwan independence’ plot,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a statement.

The latest warplane flights into Taiwan’s airspace have also come in separate groups with daytime and nighttime harassment.

Source: AP

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