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Thailand Begins Inoculating its Students with Pfizer Vaccine

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Thailand’s Health Department in conjunction with the Education department has begun vaccinating high school students aged 12-18-years-old. High school students are to receive the Pfizer vaccine ahead of schools reopening in November.

Presently, over eighty percent of high school students aged 12-18 in Bangkok had signed up for the Pfizer vaccine. Nationwide, 3.6 million of 5 million eligible students have registered for the Pfizer vaccine, according to the Education department.

Thailand so far has vaccinated about 31% of its 66 million population against COVID-19 mainly with Sinovac/Astra Zenica mix and match.

The central government is in a rush to boost the vaccination rate, so it can safely welcome back international tourists following 18 months of isolation. The government’s border closures and poor vaccine procurement have hugely contributed to the virtual collapse of Thailand’s tourism industry. A huge percentage of hotels have since shuttered.

Following several other countries’ lead, Thailand will administer the Pfizer vaccine in schools.

Meanwhile, Bangkok’s governor, Mr. Aswin Kwanmuang, said he hopes the required two doses of the Pfizer vaccine can be completed by the end of this month.

“Our educators have high hopes that new cases will slow down, so students can return to school again,” he said.

High school Student Lalita Sawatsupron said she was a little nervous about getting the vaccine.

“Today I’m getting my first Pfizer vaccine jab because I just turned 15, so I’m qualified. I’m also very nervous,” she said.

Source: Reuters

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