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X (Formerly Twitter) To Begin Biometric Data Collection And Expand User Information Gathering



Biometric Data

(CTN NEWS) – X, the platform formerly recognized as Twitter, is set to commence the collection of biometric data and gather details regarding users’ employment and educational backgrounds beginning next month, as outlined in the platform’s updated privacy policy.

According to the revised privacy policy, scheduled to be effective on September 29, X states, “With your consent, we may collect and employ your biometric information for purposes related to safety, security, and identification.”

This biometric data collection will primarily apply to X Premium users, i.e., individuals who subscribe to the platform’s premium service, as an additional layer of verification.

The specifics of the biometric data to be collected by X are not explicitly mentioned, but such data can encompass facial images, fingerprints, and iris patterns. job

Privacy Policy Changes and Lawsuit Surrounding X’s Biometric Data Collection

This addition to X’s privacy policy occurs amidst the backdrop of a proposed class action lawsuit in Illinois. The lawsuit alleges that X unlawfully gathered biometric information from users without providing prior notice or obtaining their consent.

Furthermore, X’s updated privacy policy discloses that the platform may also gather information pertaining to users’ employment and educational histories.

This data will be used to “suggest potential job opportunities, share relevant information with prospective employers during job applications, facilitate employer searches for potential candidates, and provide you with more pertinent advertisements.”

Notably, X recently introduced its new recruitment tool, X Hiring, granting verified organizations early access to the beta version of this innovative feature.

Since being acquired by billionaire Elon Musk last autumn and undergoing a rebranding to X, the platform has experienced significant transformations.

These changes include revisions to content moderation policies and the reinstatement of accounts that were previously banned, stirring controversy and reshaping the platform’s landscape.

As per X, the gathering of biometric data, encompassing information related to an individual’s physical attributes like facial scans or fingerprints, is specifically designed for X Premium users.

In a statement to the BBC, the company explained, “X will provide the option for users to submit their government ID along with a selfie, creating an additional layer of verification.

Enhanced Biometric Verification and Expansion of Features at X, Formerly Twitter

Biometric data may be extracted from both the government ID and the selfie image to facilitate matching, enhancing our ability to link, for those who opt for it, an account to a real individual through the processing of their government-issued ID.

This measure aims to bolster X’s defenses against impersonation attempts and elevate platform security.”

Elon Musk has also reaffirmed X’s intentions to introduce video and audio calling options. He clarified that this feature would be compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC, and would not necessitate a phone number.

Mr. Musk asserted, “X is poised to become the global address book,” highlighting his vision for the platform.

However, no specific release date was provided for the new calling feature.

Elon Musk’s aspiration is to transform X into an “everything app,” serving as a comprehensive hub for various online services. In pursuit of this vision, additional features and corresponding updates to the privacy policy may continue to be introduced.


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