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iOS; How To Move Notifications To The Top On iOS 16’s Lock Screen



How To Move Notifications To The Top On iOS 16’s Lock Screen

(CTN News)  The latest iOS update revamps the lock screen, but it’s not for everyone. With iOS 16, Apple changed how you interact with notifications on your iPhone’s lock screen, so the notifications now appear in a different place. Notifications are stacked at the bottom of the lock screen by default.

For a lot of people, that’s a big change. Notifications can’t be moved back to the top, but there are other ways to make them more accessible.We have good news for you if you want to see each notification individually.

The company is offering a way to customize notifications, a very unusual move. Unstack them so they don’t overlap and appear at the bottom.

How to change how notifications are viewed on iOS 16’s lock screen

Step 1: Open Settings.
Step 2: Tap Notifications.
Step 3:
In the Display as section, select the display mode you wish to use. iOS 16 selects Stack, which stacks notifications at the bottom of the screen by default.
 It will unstack the notifications on the lock screen if you select List.

What else is new with iOS 16?

The new features in iOS 16 are numerous. As far as design is concerned, it represents one of the biggest changes.

Add widgets and photos to your lock screen, remove the background from the Photos app, add your medications to the Medications feature, and more.

However, if you do not own one of this year’s top iPhones, you will not be able to enjoy the always-on display, which is only available on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

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