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How to Catch a Cheating Partner on iPhone – 2023 Review



How to Catch a Cheating Partner on iPhone – 2023 Review

Infidelity is the act or fact of having a romantic or sexual relationship with someone other than one’s husband, wife, or partner – Merriam-webster. Infidelity is the leading cause of divorce and separations in marriages in the United States.

According to studies, 48% of married men and 43% of married women have had at least one affair in the last decade.

This statistic has also led suspecting partners to learn more on how to catch their cheating partner.

According to studies, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the United States.

However, according to eMarketer data, there were approximately 112.5 million iPhone users in the United States as of September 2021.

The iPhone is said to have the most advanced privacy features, and this has made it an ideal phone for a cheating partner.

However, it’s important to note that no device can guarantee complete privacy. Thus, an iPhone can be hacked.

How to Catch a Cheating Partner on iPhone

Here are proven steps to take when you want to catch your cheating partner on iPhone:

  2. Or send a direct request to |
  3. Provide detailed information about partner’s iPhone (phone number, model of iPhone).
  4. Choose your preferred package
  5. Follow the link containing User Information (Username and Password) received in your mailbox
  6. Type your username and password into your monitoring access link
  7. Click on the “Start Monitoring” icon to begin access.

How to Remotely monitor a cheating Partner’s iPhone

Do you suspect your partner is having an affair? Do you wish to know who your partner’s been chatting with? If your answer is yes, then you need to find a way to remotely access their phone.

It is always advisable to hire a genuine iPhone hacking service when you want to remotely monitor an iPhone.

The way to find a genuine hacker to hack an iPhone is by reading reviews and comments online.

The most recent Google ranking for monitoring apps now has the Trahacker iPhone Monitoring app in the top spot.

It is very useful for monitoring smartphones, whether they are Android or iOS. Without physical access to the device, the app provides direct access to the target iPhone.

With a 100% certainty of non-detection, the Trahacker iPhone Monitoring app is remotely installed on the target device.

Hire a professional hacker here:

How to Spy on a Cheating Wife’s iPhone

When you suspect your wife is cheating, the first place to look is her iPhone. A Cheating wife will never depart from her iPhone, this is a known sign of a cheating spouse.

Getting remote access to her iPhone is the only way you can get all the information you need. The best way to go about it is to hire a genuine iPhone hacker, to help you get the access you need.

This is where Trahacker hacking services come in. They are an escrow-based hacker for hire service offering professional hackers for hire.

As a leading Ethical Hacker agency in the world, they offer the best spousal tracking services.

All you need to do is to visit to request the service of a professional hacker to catch your cheating spouse.

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Benefits of TRAHACKER SERVICE When Monitoring a Cheating Spouse on iPhone

The search for proof of an affair is what has led us all to hiring a professional hacker to catch our cheating spouse.

There is an endless list of what can be achieved when using the Trahacker monitoring service to monitor an iPhone.

Here are some what to expect when you hire their service:

  • GPS Tracking

Trahacker iPhone monitoring service helps track your spouse’s iPhone in real time. The monitoring application pinpoints the device’s location on a map and indicates the target if device is mobile.

  • Calls Listening to Target iPhone

All call activities are enabled once the Trahacker Monitoring app has been remotely installed on your phone.

You have access to the call history, contacts, incoming calls, and outgoing calls on the target iPhone.

Finally, the software lets users listen in on all calls made or received on their iPhone or Android device.

  • Browser History

We frequently use our phones’ browser, but we seldom clear the history. Parents who want to keep an eye on their children will appreciate the Trahacker Monitoring software.

This app is also useful when you need to know what your spouse has been looking for. It provides full access to the browser history as well as the recovery of closed or deleted history.

  • Social Media accounts

The Trahacker monitoring software allows its users to access all the social media accounts on their spouse’s iPhone. These include Facebook, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat, LINE, Kik, and a host of other platforms.

A lot of infidelity has started from social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and many more. Each of these applications has its own messaging capabilities which makes it easy for cheating spouses to communicate.

  • Text Messages (iMessage, SMS)

Users can use this app to view all messages sent and received on the target iPhone. You can also download all images or videos received or sent via iMessage.

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How to Hire a Hacker to Catch a Cheating Partner on iPhone

Finding a genuine hacker for hire service to catch a cheating spouse can be tricky at times, but here is how to do it:

  • Visit WWW.TRAHACKER.COM ( or send a request to |
  • Provide target iPhone details to the expert handling your case.
  • Login information (Username and Password) and link to monitoring portal would be sent to your mailbox.
  • Use login information to log in to the portal.
  • Click on the “Start Monitoring” icon, begin monitoring of target iPhone.

The Trahacker iPhone monitoring app allows you to gain access to any iPhone or iOS device while remaining completely anonymous.

You can track and monitor a cheating partner’s iPhone remotely. It is quick, safe, and easy. You receive frequent updates on its numerous features and advancements.

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