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Aha Software: Features, Pricing and More!



Aha Software

About Aha Software

Before we dive into the details for Aha software, we want to tell you about the software itself in general. This software has been around for quite a while and was first developed in 2013 by Chris Waters. The software was developed with a grand vision in mind; make project planning as simple and effective as it can be. Since then, Aha software has had thousands of users across the planet and hundreds of endorsements universally.

The software has slowly but steadily made a name for itself with stellar features and unmatched customer service. Now, Aha software has become almost a household name. In this piece, we will be telling you more about the nitty-gritty of this software. We will outline some of the top features and help you to determine whether these features would work for you and your needs! Keep reading if you would like to learn everything there is to know about Aha software; from Aha features to Aha pricing; we have it all covered!

Five Top Aha! Features to Know About

Create ‘Features’

With Aha software you have access to a feature which is also called ‘features’. With this tool, you are able to take your goal or final task and break it down into smaller measurable tasks. With this, you are better able to organize your work since you can steadily tick off every small task which is done that should eventually be able to help you achieve your final task. This feature enables you to make to-do lists that are easy to manage. This feature essentially allows you to do your work more methodically and easily!

Create Roadmaps

The roadmaps feature in Aha software is another top feature that makes the Aha pricing totally worth it. The feature allows you to make a roadmap of the project, essentially breaking the product down into several tasks which will need to be completed in order for the project to be executed. You can choose whether you want to use Gantt charts, a calendar view or perhaps a custom roadmap to map out your entire journey for the project. This feature really helps you to ensure everything is above board and that you are able to plan everything in regards to your project so the entire team is well aware of what needs to be done and when!


The collaboration feature in this software is very helpful as well. This feature allows for you and your team to all be on the same page with the project. You can add various team members to one project so everyone can provide their input into the project. Tasks can be uploaded by various team members and other team members can leave feedback, suggestions, edits and more. This reduces the need for every project which is completed to be individually sent to other people on the team and then set a meeting for changes to be discussed because with this feature your team can simply leave their feedback in one place and you only have to upload your work once!


The integration feature in Aha project management software is another feature that makes the Aha pricing totally worth it. The feature allows you to integrate different tools or plug-ins you may require into the software to make using the software an even better experience for you and your team. You can integrate things such as Microsoft Teams or perhaps Google analytics and much more. This allows you and your team to control everything from one place so that you do not have to switch from one software to another at different times for different tasks!

Aha Pricing 2022

In terms of pricing, Aha pricing is as competitive as the next software of its league. There are cheaper options on the market but they might not give you the amount of freedom and ability to customize it. The starting option for Aha software gives you access to a limited number of features. The Aha pricing starts at $59 per month and the premium version can cost about $149 a month which can be a little expensive for some users.

Apart from Aha pricing, we want to tell you about how you can ask for a free trial of the software. You can get an Aha demo or an Aha trial for free for a month before you are charged. You can cancel the subscription if the software does not suit your needs! We highly recommend that you opt for a free trial since it will help you to determine whether the software is right for your needs or not!

Is Aha Software Right for You?

Now that we have discussed Aha features and Aha pricing, you are probably wondering whether you should go ahead and take the plunge by investing in the software. We suggest you make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then compare them to Aha software.

We also suggest you make a budget and then consider the Aha pricing for the software tier you would want this will help you figure out whether realistically you can afford the software as well.

We are sure whatever decision you come to about the software will be the right decision for you and your needs!


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