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4,000 Muslims Protest Construction Of Kuan Yin Statue In Southern Thailand

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4,000 Muslims Protest Construction Of Kuan Yin Statue In Southern Thailand

(CTN News) – Muslims protested yesterday against the construction of the largest Kuan Yin statue in the world on Khao Lon mountain in Songkhla province.

Among those opposing the construction of the 200-meter statue of a Chinese goddess on the mountain, surrounded by a Muslim community, was Sakkriya Bilsal, the head of the Islamic Committee in Songkhla Province.

A bodhisattva worshipped by Buddhists across the globe, Kuan Yin (also written Guanyin or Kuan Im) is the Chinese goddess of compassion and mercy.

The banners read “Villagers of Jana-Thepa do not welcome TPIPP.” Local Muslims contend that TPIPP’s huge capital investment in the project is “not being built out of faith.”

The controversial industrial estate and statue are planned by TPI Polene Power Plc.

In April, Songkhla Muslims protested the giant Kuan Yin statue. Imams explained the resistance…

We want you to think about how to coexist with a Muslim community on your land.”

According to Assavavirulhakarn (2010), Southeast Asian religions, including popular Thai Buddhism, are woven from silver and gold thread and embellished with jewels.

Thailand worships Buddha, spirits, and Kuan Yin without seeing their beliefs as contradictory, blasphemous, or requiring synthesis.

Multi-religious infrastructure and artwork are normal for Thai Buddhists. Every Buddhist temple in Thailand exhibits artwork of religious deities.

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