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Russian Man Found With Throat Slashed in Phuket

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Russian stabbed to Death in Phuket

On Wednesday afternoon police reported a Russian man was found slashed to death in a rented residence where cannabis plants were growing on the resort island of Phuket.

Police discovered Artur Mkhitarian, 42, in a pool of blood, with numerous severe slashes to his throat and body. Police thought he had been deceased for at least 12 hours.

According to Thai media, the victim’s Russian girlfriend said he vanished with a hired automobile two days prior. She then went to the car rental company and asked the employees to track the vehicle.

The white Honda City was later discovered in front of a hillside residence on Soi Sai Nam Yen in Muang district’s tambon Chalong. The two-story house was secure from the inside.

Russian Phuket

Police broke into the residence and discovered the body. There were signs of a scuffle and cannabis plants. Police also discovered a car key near the house.

Mr. Mkhitarian arrived in the nation on January 28 and his visa would expire on April 26.

Detectives believe a Thai woman rented the residence for her foreign partner. It had housed a tour company but was later converted into a cannabis plantation. According to neighbours, foreigners routinely visit the area to purchase and use cannabis.

Police suspected another foreigner who had entered the country on January 12 and left on Tuesday night.


Meanwhile, a young Russian man was caught on Koh Phangan for unlawfully renting out a Honda motorcycle.

On Tuesday, tourist police led local police and officials in detaining Danil Kulnevnich, 21, at a pier in Tambon Koh Phangan. They took his Honda Forza 300, which had a Bangkok license plate.

Police were responding on reports that certain foreign nationals on Koh Phangan, a southern tourism province, were unlawfully renting out vehicles via social media sites.

Danil Vishnya, a Facebook user, was found to have put a message on the “Phangan Bike and Car Rent & Sale” Facebook page proposing to rent a Honda Forza for 10,000 baht per month.

He was charged with working without a permit and turned over to local authorities for legal action.

The latest police crackdown on foreigners working illegally comes after an alleged attack in Phuket, where a Swiss man allegedly kicked a Thai woman sitting on steps near his property late last month. The event provoked outrage among local locals.

In recent years, Thailand, particularly Phuket, has seen a considerable influx of Russian residents. According to sources, thousands of Russians have opted to reside in Phuket alone, drawn to the island’s beauty, warm environment, and inviting culture.

This migration pattern has spurred debate and observations concerning the effects of this demographic shift on the local economy and society.

The number of Russian expats in Thailand has increased significantly, particularly in Phuket. Between November 2022 and January 2023, nearly 233,000 Russians landed in Phuket, seeking sanctuary and a new home in the face of escalating worldwide wars.

The numbers show that a staggering number of Russians have chosen Phuket as their relocation destination, with over 233,000 arriving in just three months.

Local Residents in Phuket Thailand Fed Up with Russian's

With the influx of Russian expats in Phuket, there have been significant debates regarding the creation of ‘Russian-only’ companies in the area.

This exclusivity has created arguments and concerns about inclusivity and integration in the local community. In addition, linguistic problems and cultural differences have hampered certain members of Phuket’s Russian population.

The surge of Russians into Thailand, notably in Phuket, is changing regional dynamics. With an estimated 27,000 Russians living in Phuket over the last year and a half, it’s evident that they’re having a big impact on the local economy and culture.

Despite the conflicting views, the presence of Russians in Thailand is undoubtedly a developing phenomena that will be worth watching in the years ahead.

Phuket Police Arrest 5 Russian Men For Kidnapping and Extortion

Phuket Police Arrest 5 Russian Men For Kidnapping and Extortion

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