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Phuket Court See a Serge in Tourists Arrests and Litigation

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The Phuket Provincial Court will reopen its tourist division to assist visitors to the region in resolving court disputes following a recent rise in tourism-related litigation.

The Acting Chief Justice of the Phuket Provincial Court, Judge Kriangsak Rodpunshoo recently presided over a meeting to discuss reopening the section. He stated that the huge number of Thai and foreign tourists visiting Phuket has resulted in an increase in criminal and civil cases involving foreigners.

The increase in incidents is harming tourists’ confidence in their personal safety and the possible hazards to their property, as well as having a ripple effect on tourism in general across the country, according to Mr Kriangsak.

“Proceedings in the tourist case section will help ensure justice for tourists when a criminal or civil dispute, or a dispute with a state agency, arises so they can receive legal protection,” he added. “This will build tourists’ confidence and create a good image of Phuket province and tourism in Thailand as a whole.”

The area was opened on September 24, 2017, but activities were suspended owing to the Covid-19 epidemic. Its functions include supporting tourists in submitting complaints in consumer protection cases, conducting discussions, locating witnesses who are also tourists, and serving subpoenas on sued entrepreneurs.

New Zealanders Phuket

New Zealanders Attack Cop in Phuket

The development follows a recent case in Phuket involving two New Zealand visitors who were barred from returning to the country after assaulting a traffic police officer on March 16. Robbery, impeding an officer while on duty, striking a law enforcement officer, driving without a license, and bribery were among the charges leveled.

The number of foreign people detained in Phuket, a famous tourist destination in Thailand, has increased dramatically. According to official accounts, the surge is due to an inflow of visitors combined with enhanced enforcement measures by local authorities.

Authorities have cracked down on a variety of violations, including drug trafficking, overstaying visas, and disruptive behavior in public places.

The arrests have raised concerns about the potential impact on Phuket’s tourism economy, with visitors discouraged by perceptions of increased security dangers.

Officials, on the other hand, argue that the measures are required to maintain law and order and provide a safe environment for both residents and tourists. They underline that the crackdown focuses on specific individuals engaged in criminal operations rather than any particular country or group.

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