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Retro Check Silent Hill 2’s Heartbreaking Horror

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Retro Check Silent Hill 2's Heartbreaking Horror

(CTN News) – In 1999, Silent Hill 2 became a revolution in the survival horror genre despite having only been released a few years previously with Resident Evil.

The title was developed by Team Silent Hill 2, a group of Konami employees from different departments. Team Silent Hill 2 was considered the studio’s leftover ramp because they were incompatible with other teams and failed in their previous projects.

Initially tasked with creating a Hollywood-esque Resident Evil-style horror game, Konami lost faith in its success early in development. As a result of their failure, Team Silent decided to throw caution to the wind and let their creativity loose.

In contrast to the studio’s expectations, they shifted the focus of the game from action to emotional, psychological horror. The rest is history – Silent Hill was born.

Team Silent dared to reinvent itself with Silent Hill 2 instead of returning to the same characters, myths, and storylines.

In part two, neither Harry Mason nor the mysterious cult that controlled the city in part one return. Instead, we play the role of widower James Sunderland, whom Mary’s letter summons to Silent Hill.

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His holiday destination turns out to be a perverted mirror of his own subconscious when he arrives, surrounded by thick fog and inhabited by nightmarish creatures.

The slim hope that he might be reunited with his wife drives James to keep trying despite all the horror he endures. At the end of the game, James and his inner demons will face off at a hotel north of the city where they would visit in happier times.

Pedestrian-friendly, but not necessarily traffic-calmed

To even get close to the place, he must first cross the deserted city. A number of roads are closed, bridges have collapsed, basements have been flooded, underpasses have been boarded up, and all public buildings have been cordoned off.

It means that we spend a lot of time in the game solving tasks, finding keys, and exploring other parts of the city.

Since Silent Hill 2 takes place in the 90s, 80s or late 70s, depending on who you believe, we only have maps of streets and buildings to guide us around the game world.

James marks red permanent markers on the relevant area map if we encounter a blockage that cannot be passed. By doing this, we avoid accidentally walking down the same street a hundred times or checking the same door several times.


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