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Modern Warfare 2 Players Are Having Issues With NVIDIA’s 526.47 Driver

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Modern Warfare 2 Players Are Having Issues With NVIDIA's 526.47 Driver

(CTN News) – Many PC users have already reported crashes and bugs in Modern Warfare 2. According to Beenox, the PC version’s lead studio, Nvidia’s most recent driver package is responsible for some of these errors.

Nvidia driver versions 516.59 or 522.25 are recommended in the tweet.

In its latest Game Ready Driver package, NVIDIA claims to deliver the best possible gaming experience for all major new releases.

According to the package’s release notes, the package is also WHQL-certified, which is typically a sign that a driver package has successfully passed Microsoft’s software testing suite and is ready for wide distribution.

The latest driver package appears to cause several Modern Warfare 2 PC issues, despite the claim and certification.

Infinity Ward’s development teams have acknowledged and are investigating some issues, such as in-game parties causing matches to crash.

Beenox’s tweet supports several Reddit posts and reports that claim the game has been unstable and crashing since its launch. PC Gamer later received an email from Nvidia confirming the bug, saying, “Yes, a hotfix is in development.”

It appears that Nvidia’s email contradicts their standard driver release language, which promises “the best gaming experience for all new releases.”

According to the email, this behavior is the reason why our latest Game Ready Driver was not recommended or promoted for this game in the first place.

Most, however, would agree that the latest addition to Modern Warfare 2 qualifies as one of the most significant releases.

Currently, Nvidia is working on a fix for the identified bug. There is no additional information or timeline regarding when it will be ready. Team Green usually releases updated packages fairly quickly when it comes to these things.

The recommended reverting to Game Ready Driver version 516.59 or version 522.25 will allow users to play Modern Warfare 2 without a fix being released until a fix is released.

For those who require the fix, Nvidia also provides detailed instructions on how to rollback and remove the fix on its website.


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