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Apex Legends: Complete Guide to Ash



Apex Legends Players of Apex Legends who enjoy getting aggressive in the action-packed shooter nearly always find themselves pacing the battlefield to experience the excitement of battle.

And it’s conceivable that some teams would flee at the first hint of danger if they faced worthy opponents. Most of the time, this is a bummer, but not if players are utilizing Ash.

This Apex Legends impersonator excels at pursuing foes when they are most vulnerable.

Ash’s toolkit is designed to assist her in locating recently engaged foes and to provide her access to teleportation techniques that enable her to move quickly between tense battlegrounds.

There is no way out once Ash’s blade is seen. Here’s how to make the most of this dangerous Apex Legend’s skills.

Ash: Schemer First, Scientist Second

The mysterious Ash, who appears in the Titanfall series and is situated in the same universe as Apex Legends, has been teased as one of the game’s more significant background characterers.

Ash was once known as Dr. Ashleigh Reid, a well-known researcher who the Syndicate recruited to steal an unusual fuel source being explored in the Outlands.

Ash was born in the Frontier. Although the deep bonds she developed with her targets throughout her protracted con, their lab’s destruction due to an accident caused both her death and resurrection.

Dr. Reid, now a simulacrum, suffered trauma during her change that caused her to lose most of her memories, but the egotistical “Ash” personality persisted.

In addition, the latent but clever Leigh personality has started to reemerge and she is prepared to regain her new body when a meeting with Horizon overrides her programming.

Why Play Ash: Methodical Combat Initiation

Ash, a fellow simulacrum, approaches foes with cunning and intentional mercilessness, unlike Revenant of Apex Legends, who prefers stalking and plain stealth.

With the help of the approved Apex Legends weapons, Ash may capture foes and track down opponents who recently killed other players, punishing them as though he were the embodiment of death.

Here’s why potential Ash users would find this appealing:

  • Target weaker foes more frequently: Ash can spot foes who have just murdered a Death Box owner thanks to her Marked For Death (Passive) ability. Ash may easily take advantage of a team that may be recuperating by pursuing them and catching them off guard.
  • Use an aggressive frontline scouter: Ash’s kit gives gamers another scouting character option with a more aggressive stance. Her skills allow her to identify adversaries who have just attacked, giving her team the option to actively decide whether to pursue or avoid targets.
  • Slight silencing, slight mobility: Ash has a touch of both qualities compared to a hard silencer like Revenant and a hard runner like Octane. While Phase Breach (Ultimate) enables her team to either chase foes or choose a superior vantage point – even vertically – it silences opponents briefly.

Ash’s Basics: Careful stalking

In each Apex Legends map, Ash stalks opponents aggressively, relying less on constant stealth and more on tactical skill.

With the help of her arsenal, Ash can chase down adversaries who are worn out from previous combat and even use talents to stop them in their tracks so they may be picked off easily.

These things help Ash, especially if she’s using a potent weapon like an assault rifle from Apex Legends, which is designed to aid players in situational adaptation. Below is a summary of this Legend’s fundamental abilities:

  • Marked For Death (Passive): ash can view the locations of recent Death Boxes thanks to this ability. The assailants’ position will be revealed if you interact with one of these Death Boxes.
  • Arc Snare (Tactical): ash can launch a slow-moving missile that turns into a snare trap, immobilizing opponents.
  • Phase Breach (Ultimate): ash can establish one-way frontal teleportation to a specific place.

Ash’s Toolkit

Passive: Marked For Death

Regardless of the Apex Legends weapon combination Ash chooses, she must be able to locate her opponents in order to set up ambushes and surprise assaults.

This is the purpose of her Marked For Death (Passive), which aids her in locating further vicious assailants from the perspective of recently activated Death Boxes. Check out the following characteristics:

  • Properties: Death Boxes generated within the last three minutes are immediately marked on Ash’s map. No matter how far away they are, she can ping any of them from her map view. Interacting with the aforementioned Death Box will show you where its most recent attackers are for 8 seconds and how many attackers are still active for 4 seconds. The enemy team who witnesses this is given a hint that Ash is employing this power.
  • Prevent pointless conflicts: With this skill’s help, Ash can immediately decide whether a particular enemy is worth pursuing or whether a particular location is safe to explore. Ash and his team can avoid a potential hot zone if they notice adversaries loitering there.
  • When utilizing this ability, always be ready for counters: Apart from the fact that enemies are informed when Ash reveals their location, players must remember that Ash can only track adversaries from recent engagements due to the 3-minute time limit on Death Box usage. Anyone who can recall the location of their most recent battle might return there and prank Ash’s team.

Tactical: Arc Snare

Giving the Apex Legends crew the tools they need to execute is one thing; having Ash locate possible targets is quite another.

This is the purpose of the Arc Snare (Tactical), which enables Ash to fire a projectile that changes into a snare trap when it makes contact with the target, stunning it. Take note of the following:

  • Properties: The effect of this ability has a 4-meter radius and lasts for 5 seconds until a target enters the trap. It has a 25-second cooldown. The first adversary to reach this area receives a 3-second snare, 10 Health damage, and 20 Shield damage.
  • Handle this missile like any other: It helps to treat the Arc Snare like any other grenade because it is a projectile that adheres to anything. This is best employed against an opponent intent on fleeing or recovering because it simplifies aiming. A zone can become a surefire death trap by following through or combining with AOEs like Knuckle Clusters (Fuse) and Nox Gas Traps (Caustic).
  • Pay attention to how abilities interact: The Arc Snare is not a powerful weapon for capture. A target can escape the trap if they are close enough to a Dimensional Rift (Wraith) or a Phase Breach (Ash). Incidentally, the Arc Snare can also render other mobility options, such as Gravity Lift (Horizon) and Launch Pads, somewhat unfavorable for other teams (Octane).

Ultimate: Phase Breach

Ash doesn’t always have to run far to get where she’s going when she’s determined to pursue her foes and possibly shoot them.

She can cut a tear into spacetime with Phase Breach (Ultimate) to get where she needs to go. This tear is available for Ash’s crew to use for a period. Consider the following:

  • Properties: The gateway lasts 15 seconds, and this Ultimate has a 2-minute cooldown. Within 62.5 metres, Ash can choose any location, whether horizontally or vertically.
  • When utilizing the portal, keep the following in mind: Players face the same way they do when they exit Ash’s portal as they enter it. Upon entering Ash’s phase, players might enter with their backs to the destination to surprise any foes they believe may be following them.
  • Move around obstacles: Phase Breach may still be used past windows, enabling Ash and her squad to escape buildings and other sticky situations, even if the game will let Ash know if she can’t breach certain past spots. Players can utilize this portal vertically to get to the summit if they can also see a cliffside or a high wall.

Ash Gameplay: Prepared Stalking Tips & Tricks

When Ash uses heavy artillery in addition to her Apex Legends Tactics skill, she can become a challenging Legend to control because of how combat-hungry her toolkit can get.

While it’s entertaining to pursue adversaries who just killed other players, players who are unable to use Ash’s abilities may cause her to hold back, which would hinder her from dispatching enemies quickly enough to be beneficial.

The following gaming tips should always be kept in mind when utilising Ash.

  • Attack with forethought: While Wraith can teleport, Ash lacks a backwards return with her Ultimate, making her a weak attacker if she attacks without a strategy. Gamers must carefully prepare their strategy when interacting with Ash in order to make the most of her arsenal and land the decisive blow.
  • Secure different angles of attack: Instead of using her Ultimate to chase down foes head-on, players should look for an alternative angle of attack that can prevent an enemy from reaching a safe area. As a result, Ash’s team has a higher chance of surviving since a recovering foe will have fewer resources to use in their assault.
  • Profit from verticality: Because of the nature of Phase Breach (Ultimate), Ash can also use her teleporting ability to launch herself and her team skyward, giving them access to lofty places. Ash can use this to lead her team to better view spots when pursuing enemies, particularly if they have snipers.

Assault Class: Combat Perks

Originally categorised as a reconnaissance Legend, Ash may now focus on pursuing aggressive foes thanks to her toolbox.

She may have been reclassified as an Assault Class Legend in Season 16 as a result of this offensively oriented reconnaissance, providing Ash more access to opportunities that allow her to maximise her battle potential.

Ash now has access to several advantages that tend towards aggression:

  • Weapon Supply Bin – Secret Compartment: Now that Ash has access to Weapon Supply Bins’ Hidden Compartments, she effectively has four Rare Smart Loot attachments at her disposal. With a lesser likelihood of magazines and hop-ups, one of these is almost always an optic. Nevertheless, reaching these Bins while unarmed will grant Ash and her companions a weapon with two Attachments.
  • More Ammo, More Kills: The amount of Light, Heavy, and Energy Ammunition Ash can now carry has increased by one stack. The same is done, albeit with less ammunition for the extra stack, for shotgun and sniper ammunition.

Loadout Recommendations

Ash can punish adversaries for even attempting to engage in combat as an enemy tracker.

Ash can be a quick-acting assassin if players equip her with powerful weapons that enable her to kill targets with a few blows, maximising Ash’s tracking toolkit. Throughout the game, Ash can use the following weapons to achieve this goal:

  • Peacekeeper (Shotgun): Providing Ash uses her equipment effectively, she will nearly always find herself running alongside or even face-to-face with retreating enemies. The Peacekeeper is a great tool in these circumstances to surprise adversaries. This lever-action shotgun can dispatch opponents far more quickly than other shotgun models with just a few bullets.
  • VK-47 Flatline (Assault Rifle, Heavy Ammo): The Flatline is an excellent Assault Rifle when fired from hip fire range in addition to being a user-friendly weapon with good handling. This is excellent for Ash, who focuses on chasing down adversaries and could be hindered by pointless ADS.
  • Wingman (Pistol, Sniper Ammo): While this advice holds true for all Sniper Rifles, the Wingman stands out because of its diminutive size, which makes it difficult to predict what Ash might be holding even if players detect her approaching. Players with good aim can take down opponents from a distance, enabling Ash to pursue rivals while keeping a safe distance.

On the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, Apex Legends can be played.


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