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PlayStation Plus Announces Free Games For March 2023



PlayStation Plus

(CTN NEWS) – The list of games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive for free in February has been made public. Of course, this is the main draw for players who have ever subscribed to this service.

The value of the games that have been given away for free is thought to be high and worth it because it is compared to the monthly payment that has already been given.

On March 7, the distribution of the games that have been announced will start. Let’s see.!!!

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PlayStation Plus Free Games For March 2023

Battlefield 2042 ( PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4)

The most recent installment of Electronic Arts and DICE’s military shooter franchise, Battlefield 2042, is a multiplayer-only game that has had some issues since its release at the end of 2021.

Code Vein (PlayStation 4)

A Souls-like action-adventure game from Bandai Namco that was inspired by the God Eater series and released in 2019 is called Code Vein.

Minecraft Dungeons (PlayStation 4)

A 2020 spinoff of the survival/crafting franchise is called Minecraft Dungeons. A point-and-click, hack-and-slash dungeon crawler in the vein of the Diablo games is called Minecraft Dungeons.


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