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Home Sweet Home: Online Launched Its Free-To-Play Version

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Home Sweet Home: Online

(CTN NEWS) – Home Sweet Home: Online launched its free-to-play version on February 8, 2023, and announced via its Facebook page to welcome new players who may not have previously played the game.

To fly into Nuwara’s universe. Discover new material while immersing yourself in the stories that fans adore. It will be transferred for various information of former gamers who have previously played Home Sweet Home: Survive. 

Including a variety of goods in this edition of the game as well.

Home Sweet Home: Online

Home Sweet Home: Survive’s Final Event

The good news is that in addition to other details, all new users of Steam who have Home Sweet Home: Survive have it. And the object won’t vanish any longer.

Additionally, the creators will offer additional premium things worth more than 1,000 baht.

For qualified people, goods can be gained simply by having the Home Sweet Home: Survive game from the launch game on February 28, 2023, so that all the citizens of Niewon have taken up the struggle in Home Sweet Home: Online.


  • There is no need to purchase Home Sweet Home: Survive to play Home Sweet Home: Online.
  • Players will transfer their data from Home Sweet Home: Survive to Home Sweet Home: Online.

Event: Home Sweet Home: Online Let’s play together, Goi.

The developer would like to invite all Nuwara citizens in addition to announcing the debut of a Free to Play game. Since the game’s debut on February 28, 2023, who has played it? Join the excitement with the brand-new party game Goi: Let’s Play Together.

Simply purchase the game if you’re interested in playing it, as the game’s closed beta test participation was overwhelmingly positive.

Goi: Let’s play together, make a character, and receive 1,000 free marbles! “Marble” refers to one of the game’s currencies.

In order to use the money earned from the participants who participated in this event to purchase fashionable clothing and other goods. To make playing Goi: Let’s Play Together with friends more enjoyable and colorful.

Home Sweet Home: Online


  • On the game page, a schedule for collecting marbles in Goi: Let’s Play Together will be revealed later.

In-game information for Home Sweet Home: Online indicates that it will launch in the second quarter of 2023. Currently, the game is in the development phase.

Along with the official Free To Play announcement, the game received a significant update to bring it to the full version. Updates on gameplay and content are available to all players and fans. It will soon be made public on the official Facebook page.



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