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Thailand Records Four New Cases of Coronavirus and One Death

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Covid-19 Coronavirus

Thailand’s health department officials reported 4 new cases of coronavirus disease and one death as of Saturday May 8th, 2020. Thai health officials said the total number of Covid-19 coronavirus cases in Thailand is now 3,004.

Furthermore the latest death (a Thai man living in Bangkok) brings Thailand’s covid-19coronavirus death toll to 56.

A total of 2,787 people had fully recovered and 161 remained in hospitals as of Saturday, said Dr. Taweesilp Visanuyothin, from Thailand’s Health Department

Covid-19 Coronavirus Infections have now been found in 68 of the country’s 77 provinces. However 43 provinces have reported no new infections for at least 28 days.

Bangkok and Nonthaburi combined have 1,700 cases or more than half the national total. Other cases by region are in the North (94), Central Plains (381), Northeast (111) and South (718).

In the South, the cases are concentrated in Phuket (220), Yala (130) and Songkhla (128).

The youngest patient was one month old, the oldest was 97 and the average age was 39. The biggest age group was 20-29, said Dr. Taweesilp.

Covid-19 lockdown more deadly than the virus

Meanwhile, More accurate predictions are starting to emerge as the full impacts of the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown in Thailand start to become more clear.

Reports from the UN’s International Labour Organisation, in collaboration with the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, have already made stark predictions about the problems that lay ahead for the Thai government. Also the people working in the tourism industry.

Up to 6 million people have lost or are expected to lose their jobs in the tourism sector alone as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. Tourism is a critical industry for the Thai economy that accounts for between 15-18% of the country’s GDP in direct income. Furthermore up to 21% when you include all the other businesses that rely on the flow of tourists.

The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce now estimates that up to 6 million people employed in the tourism sector will end up unemployed, if Thailand lost about 30 million tourists. That’s the current projection according to the Thaiger. “The number of unemployed people could even rise to 10 million. Above all if the pandemic does not subside by the end of June.”

Tourism makes up 21.6% of Thailand’s GDP, according to the report. Compared to Cambodia’s 6.7% and Vietnam’s 6.9%. The report also warns that the tourism sector would not survive the pandemic’s repercussions without assistance from the government.

To bring the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in Thailand into perspective, here is a list of deaths from Dengue Fever, Measles and Traffic Deaths:

Measles in Thailand 2019 – 21 Deaths

Thailand health officials reported 6,527 measles cases from 74 provinces in 2019. This includes 21 deaths due to measles.

Dengue fever Thailand 2019 – 133 Deaths

Officials reported a total of 128,964 dengue fever cases from all 77 provinces in 2019. The total dengue cases are broken down–dengue fever (86,418 cases/7 deaths), dengue hemorrhagic fever (41,467 cases/26 deaths) and dengue shock syndrome (1,079 cases/100 deaths).

Road Accidents in Thailand 2019 –  Deaths 12,304

The Thaiger report 12,304 people have been registered as dying at accident scenes in Thailand as of July 7th, 2019.

Academics caution that this figure only relates to those who die at the scene. The actual death toll is far higher when when all all data is collated. Also when victims succumb to their injuries after leaving the accident scene.

The total annual Thai death toll, over recent years, is between 21,000 – 24,000, making it one of the worst in the world (currently #5 in the world according to World Health Organization data).

Based on the above data, you have better odds of being killed in a road accident than dying from Covid-19.