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Thai Women in Myanmar Beg For Help After Being Duped into Prostitution By TikTok Influence



Thai Woman in Myanmar Beg For Help

Four Thai women in Myanmar have demanded to be deported after claiming they were misled into working as prostitutes by a TikTok influencer. The story broke after a video uploaded on the Ninja Today Facebook fan page on Wednesday showed two Thai women pleading for assistance in returning home.

“Please assist us. We want to return home. “We were duped into working in Myanmar,” one of the women sobbed. “We contacted every Thai government agency we could find, but no one could help us.” We were merely advised to wait. Please assist us.”

According to the Facebook video description, the woman was from Ubon Ratchathani and was promised job in Tachileik, a border town across from Mae Sai district in Chiang Rai, but instead was taken to Mong Pauk to work as prostitutes in June.

Mong Pauk is a city in the independent Wa State, within 10 kilometres from the Chinese border. It is well-known for its entertainment venues, which cater primarily to Chinese guests.

One of the ladies, Kay, 35, from Ubon Ratchathani, said the recruiter offered good money, free lodging and food, as well as transportation from Thailand to Tachileik.

The Thai women applied for the job, received a stipend of 10,000 baht to cover travel expenses, and flew to Mae Sai. Kay claimed that one man led them to Tachileik via a natural border crossing. They were taken for another six hours to another town, where they discovered they had been deceived.

Kay and her buddy were forced to work as prostitutes after landing in Mong Pauk, or they would be tortured, she said. Fortunately, she claimed, they could still use their cellphones to call for assistance.

They uploaded photographs and videos to the CSI LA Facebook page, which then contacted Baan Hia Charn, a vulnerable people’s shelter in Ubon Ratchathani, for assistance in contacting the victims’ relatives.

Representatives of Baan Hia Charn also sought assistance from Ubon Ratchathani Police Chief Pol Col Khanongrit Dara, local lawmakers, and the proprietor of the Ninja Today Facebook page.

The four women’s liberation would cost 1.2 million baht, according to CSI LA.

Pol Col Khanongrit stated that he had reported the four victims to his commander. He claims that when they return to Thailand, the police in Ubon Ratchathani will be able to assist them.

Thai women sex trafficking

Sex Trafficking of Thai Women

Sex trafficking of Thai women is a serious issue that affects many countries around the world, including Thailand. It is important to approach this topic with sensitivity and care, as it involves the exploitation and abuse of vulnerable individuals.

Thailand has been a destination, transit, and source country for sex trafficking. Factors such as poverty, economic inequality, political instability, and gender inequality contribute to the vulnerability of women and girls to trafficking. Traffickers often prey on individuals who are seeking better economic opportunities or who are in desperate situations.

Efforts to combat sex trafficking in Thailand have been made at both the national and international levels. The Thai government has implemented various laws and measures to address trafficking, including the Prevention and Suppression of Trafficking in Persons Act. This legislation criminalizes trafficking offenses and establishes penalties for offenders.

Additionally, NGOs and international organizations work in collaboration with the Thai government to provide support services for survivors of trafficking. These organizations focus on prevention, victim identification, rescue operations, legal support, and rehabilitation programs for survivors.

It’s worth noting that while sex trafficking is a significant issue in Thailand, it is essential to avoid generalizations or stereotypes about Thai women. Not all Thai women are involved in or affected by sex trafficking, and it is crucial to recognize the agency and diversity of individuals within any group.

If you have concerns or suspect someone is a victim of trafficking, it is crucial to report the situation to local authorities or contact organizations that specialize in combating human trafficking.

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