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American Tourist Arrested For Vandalizing Roman Statues At Israel Museum




(CTN NEWS) – In a shocking incident that unfolded at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem late Thursday evening, an American tourist was arrested after he deliberately defaced two second-century Roman statues, causing outrage and concern for the safety of Israel’s priceless cultural treasures.

The incident also reignited discussions about attacks on cultural heritage in the city.

The Suspect: A 40-Year-Old Jewish American Tourist

The suspect, a 40-year-old Jewish American tourist, was taken into custody by Israeli police shortly after he hurled works of art to the floor, damaging the historical statues.

Initial questioning revealed that he believed these statues to be “idolatrous and contrary to the Torah,” indicating a religious motivation for his actions.

However, his lawyer, Nick Kaufman, argued that the tourist was suffering from a mental disorder known as the Jerusalem syndrome, rather than religious fanaticism.

The Jerusalem syndrome is a psychological phenomenon believed to be triggered by the religious significance of the city, which is holy to Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike.

Individuals experiencing this syndrome often believe themselves to be figures from religious texts, leading to unusual and sometimes destructive behavior.

As a result of the defendant’s claim of suffering from the Jerusalem syndrome, he has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. To protect his identity, authorities have imposed a gag order, preventing the release of his name.

This incident occurred during a period of heightened religious tensions, coinciding with the Jewish holiday season.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a concerning rise in incidents involving radical ultra-Orthodox Jews spitting on and assaulting Christian worshippers, leading to discomfort among tourists, outrage among the local Christian community, and widespread condemnation.

Israel Museum Condemns Vandalism of Priceless Roman Artifacts Amid Rising Concerns Over Cultural Attacks

The Israel Museum, renowned for its exhibits showcasing archaeology, fine arts, and Jewish art and life, described the vandalism as “troubling and unusual.” The institution firmly condemned all forms of violence and expressed hope that such incidents would not recur.

Photos released by the museum showed the damage inflicted upon the ancient statues, which museum staff are working diligently to restore. The museum refrained from disclosing the value of the statues or the cost of their restoration.

The Israeli government expressed its deep concern over the defacement, attributing it to Jewish iconoclasm influenced by early prohibitions against idolatry.

Eli Escusido, the director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, decried the destruction of cultural values, stressing the need to protect cultural heritage from religiously motivated extremists.

This unfortunate incident marks the latest in a series of attacks by Jewish individuals against historical artifacts in Jerusalem.

Earlier this year, a Jewish American tourist damaged a statue of Jesus at a Christian pilgrimage site in the Old City, while in January, Jewish teenagers defaced historical Christian tombstones at a prominent Jerusalem cemetery.

Despite this unsettling event, the Israel Museum resumed its regular opening hours on Friday morning, signaling its commitment to preserving and sharing its cultural treasures with the world, even in the face of such challenges.


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