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Israel Declares ‘State of War Alert’ As Gaza Militants Launch Deadly Rocket Barrage




(CTN NEWS) – On a grim Saturday morning, the long-running conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants took a dangerous turn when Gaza-based militants launched a deadly barrage of rockets into Israeli territory.

Israel’s military responded by declaring a “state of war alert,” as the situation escalated rapidly.

The early morning rocket attack, described as “massive” by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), resulted in at least one casualty and multiple injuries, marking a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict.

Hamas Claims Responsibility

Hamas, the Palestinian militant organization governing Gaza, claimed responsibility for the rocket attack and called for a general uprising against Israel.

In a recorded message, Hamas military commander Muhammad Al-Deif urged supporters to take up arms, dubbing the operation “Al-Aqsa Storm.”

He cited several reasons for the assault, including attacks on women, the desecration of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and the enduring siege of Gaza. Hamas declared that they had targeted enemy positions, airports, and military installations with a staggering 5,000 rockets.

Israeli Response and Precautions

In response to the attacks, the IDF issued warnings to Israeli residents living near Gaza, urging them to stay in their homes or seek shelter. The IDF emphasized that Hamas was responsible for the attack and would face the consequences for their actions.

Israeli President Isaac Herzog acknowledged the gravity of the situation and extended support to the country’s security forces and residents.

The Early Morning Assault

The rocket attacks began at approximately 6:30 a.m. local time, a moment when most Israelis were likely asleep.

Such infiltrations from Gaza into Israeli territory are uncommon, given the extensive surveillance and blockade maintained by Israel. Reports suggested that militants from Gaza had entered Kibbutz Beeri and taken hostages in Netiv HaAsara.

However, these details had not been officially confirmed by Israeli authorities at the time of the report.

Casualties and Impact

Tragically, the rocket attacks resulted in casualties in southern and lowland regions of Israel. Israel’s Magen David Adom rescue service reported one fatality, with at least 15 people wounded.

Among the injured, two were in critical condition, six in moderate condition, and seven with minor injuries. Social media footage showed the aftermath of rocket strikes in cities like Ashkelon, where cars were ablaze, and thick plumes of smoke billowed into the air.

Urgent Need for Blood Donations

With the increasing number of casualties, Magen David Adom urged people to donate blood, emphasizing the urgent need for support. A special blood donation drive was organized in Tel Aviv to address the crisis.

The situation demanded a coordinated response to ensure the swift and efficient care of the injured.

Gaza’s Complex Situation

Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas globally, with almost two million people living in a mere 140 square miles. Governed by Hamas, the territory has been subjected to an Israeli blockade since 2007, effectively isolating it from the rest of the world.

Egypt controls Gaza’s southern border crossing at Rafah, further limiting civilian movement.

The blockade has also impacted the importation of essential goods into the narrow coastal strip, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation.


The escalation of conflict between Israel and Gaza, marked by the recent rocket attacks, has plunged the region into a precarious and dangerous situation.

The loss of life, injuries, and the resulting fear and chaos emphasize the urgent need for a diplomatic solution to the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

International efforts must be redoubled to bring about a lasting peace, preventing further suffering on both sides and creating the conditions for a better future for all involved.


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