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Police Say Football Coach and Team Sponsor Molested 9 Young Boys



Police Say Football Coach and Team Sponsor Molested 9 Young Boys

Police have reported that the number of young boys reportedly molested by their football coach and team sponsor in Udon Thani, Thailand has climbed to nine. On Saturday, officials and Pavena Hongsakula, chair of the Pavena Foundation for Women and Children, met to discuss the latest facts.

According to police and other meeting attendees, the parents of another youngster made a complaint identical to that of seven football buddies at a primary school in the Kumphawapi area.

Aside from the eight accused victims, police discovered and questioned another juvenile boy seen in a video clip. The victims were all between the ages of 10 and 13.

Ms Pavena stated that educational authorities would implement measures to avoid future abuse and safeguard the safety of children, and that the Justice Ministry will compensate each victim with 55,000 baht.

According to Thee Pawangkanan, deputy secretary-general of the Basic Education Commission, a woman teacher who reported the abuse to the foundation was threatened and was thus transferred elsewhere for her protection.


According to the mother of a ten-year-old boy who was one of the minor victims, concerned parents and children were concerned since the two suspects were temporarily released and used chat applications to try to contact the children who filed complaints against them.

The lawsuit was filed after a fourth-grade student met with the female teacher to return his football jersey. She was astonished because the boy was a football fan.

The youngster eventually confessed to his teacher that he had been sexually molested. Later, additional parents and boys voiced similar concerns.

The accused were the coach of the boys’ football team, 43, and a retired major, 64. They were detained on December 14 and admitted to sexual abuse after police discovered many video footage depicting it.

The coach and the sponsor allegedly enticed young players to remain at their homes and then sexually molested the lads. The foundation rescued two team members, both aged ten.

Child Abuse Thailand

Child Abuse in Thailand

Child abuse is a significant issue in Thailand, with many children experiencing physical, emotional, and sexual violence. It’s crucial to understand the complexity of this problem and take action to protect and support the vulnerable children in the country.

Children in Thailand face various forms of abuse, including physical and emotional violence, sexual exploitation, and neglect. According to UNICEF Thailand, approximately 400,000 children aged 12-17 have been victims of online sexual exploitation and abuse in the past year alone. Shockingly, only 1-3% of these cases are reported, highlighting the pervasive nature of underreporting and the immense challenges in addressing child abuse.

Moreover, many children in Thailand are at risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation, particularly those living in unregistered and illegal residential care settings. Safe Child Thailand emphasizes the vulnerability of children in such circumstances, highlighting the urgent need for protective measures and support systems.

Several factors contribute to the prevalence of child abuse in Thailand. Poverty, lack of access to education, and social stigmas all play a role in perpetuating the cycle of abuse. Additionally, the phenomenon of child prostitution is a harrowing reality in Thailand, with both girls and boys as young as ten years old being exploited throughout the country (Wikipedia).

Efforts to combat child abuse in Thailand must be comprehensive and multifaceted. Education and awareness initiatives are crucial in empowering communities to recognize signs of abuse, report incidents, and provide support to affected children. Organizations like Save the Children Thailand are instrumental in advocating for child protection and working to prevent physical and sexual abuse, neglect, hazardous labor, and trafficking.

Furthermore, the legal framework and enforcement mechanisms must be strengthened to hold perpetrators of child abuse accountable. Providing accessible channels for reporting abuse and ensuring a swift and effective response from law enforcement and child protection agencies is paramount in safeguarding children from harm.

Former Police Officer Sentence to 16 Years for Rape of Teenager

Former Police Officer Sentence to 16 Years for Rape of Teenager

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