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Philippines Confirms 539 New Covid-19 Cases in a Single Day

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Doctors, Covid-19

As Thailand and other ASEAN countries have seen a rapid decline on Covid-19 coronavirus case the Philippines has seen a spike in new cases. The Philippines reported yesterday 17 deaths and 539 new infections in one day.

The Philippines health department said total infections have risen to 15,588 and deaths have reached 921. The number of recovered patients was only 3,598.

Despite the spike in covid-19 cases an inter-agency panel on covid-19 has recommended to President Rodrigo Duterte the easing of strict lockdown measures in Manila. Which accounts for most of the coronavirus cases and deaths, to restart economic activity.

Philippines cracks down on secret Chinese covid-19 clinics

Meanwhile, Philippine authorities are cracking down on secret covid-19 clinics reportedly treating foreign nationals with coronavirus symptoms. The Justice department will file charges against their operators.

Justice Secretary Mendardo Guevarra has also ordered police to trace the whereabouts of foreigners. Ones who had undergone treatment in such facilities and “who could still be dangerously roaming around”.

Guevarra’s comments came after the police released two Chinese nationals who had been detained in a raid of a seven-bed clandestine clinic. It was found operating inside a villa in Clark Freeport, north of Manila, on May 18.

Police sources said the pair had been placed in “the custody” of Shidaikeji Technology. The corporation which leased out the villa that was raided.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity as they did not have the authority to comment publicly, said Hu Ling, 45, and Lee Seung Hyun, 38, had not been arrested initially but “invited for investigation.” They were found to be carrying “legitimate visas.” Although whether the visa’s allowed them to treat patients, the sources couldn’t say.

Both will still be charged and “cases are being prepared for filing”, the sources said. Adding that they were waiting for confirmation that the medications seized had not been certified by the Philippines

Philippine Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said on Thursday that the pair had been placed on an “alert list” to prevent them from leaving the country. Also to ensure their presence while they are undergoing criminal and administrative investigation.