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Phase 5 Of Thailand’s Co-Payment Scheme Opens This Friday

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Phase 5 Of Thailand's Co-Payment Scheme Opens This Friday

(CTN News) – It has been announced by the Ministry of Finance that subscribers to the government’s 50:50 co-payment scheme can reconfirm or apply for their subscription this Friday between 6 am and 10 pm on the co-payment scheme website, until further notice.

This scheme is currently available to 26.5 million Thais.

Subscribers can reconfirm their subscriptions starting (Monday) through the “Tung Ngern” application.

Vendors and stores can also apply through state-owned Krung Thai Bank branches or the co-payment scheme’s website.

Wednesday is the first day that food shops can apply to join the scheme if they operate online food or drink delivery services.

Phase 5 will begin on September 1st and end at the end of October, offering each beneficiary 800 baht.

Phase 1 of the scheme launched in October 2020, with a benefit of 3,000 baht to be spent by the end of December of that year. A total of ten million people subscribed to the program.

So far, four phases of the scheme have been launched, and the government says it has proven popular among consumers and retailers and has increased consumer purchasing power.

Consumers will receive a taxpayer-funded handout in their accounts under the co-payment scheme.

Afterward, they can spend it on goods and services by paying half of the price, while the other half will be paid by the taxpayer.

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