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One-Month-Old Baby Recovers From Coronavirus in Thailand

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One-month-old baby recovers from coronavirus in Thailand

A one-month-old Thai baby, has become Thailand’s youngest coronavirus patient, to successfully recovered from Covid-19. Because a team of medics and the use of a cocktail of antiviral drugs, a doctor said on Wednesday.

After close consultations with medical experts, the team decided to use four antiviral drugs to cure the baby.

“The strategy used to treat the baby was to give him medication for 10 days,” Dr.Visal Moolasart, the pediatrician who treated the baby at the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute in Bangkok, told Reuters.

“We conducted a health check on him every day and three to five days. After that, his X-rays showed signs of gradual recovery” Despite the challenges in treating infants under a year old due to restrictions on certain medications, Dr. Visal said. Symptoms in young children tend to be less severe than in adults.

Thailand on Wednesday reported 15 new coronavirus cases and sadly one new death. Bringing the national total to 2,826 confirmed cases and 49 deaths.

Despite the slowing of new cases, officials remained cautious. Saying the best way to contain the coronavirus outbreak was for the public to stay home and continue social distancing.