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Man Kills 7-11 Clerk for Being Asked to Wear Face Mask

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A Taiwanese man who was denied entrance into a 7-11 convenience store for not wearing a mask lost his cool and fatally stabbed the clerk who asked him to do so.

Focus Taiwan reported that the stabbing occurred outside a convenience store in Taoyuan early on Nov 21.

Chiang, 41, was stopped and asked to put on a mask by 7-11 store clerk Tsai at 4 am when he tried to enter the convenience store.

Chiang returned to the store shortly after putting on a mask. His argument with the clerk began after he browsed some shelves, and he then threw his mask in the latter’s face before storming out of the store.

Chiang entered the store a third time around 5.25 am and ordered the clerk behind the counter to come out. The 30-year-old was then stabbed multiple times in the chest with a knife.

After he wrestled the weapon from his assailant, Tai collapsed outside the 7-11 store.

An ambulance crew discovered three knife wounds on the left side of the 7-11 clerks’ chest. On the way to the hospital, Tsai’s heart stopped beating, and despite attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead.

Chiang was arrested by the police and taken in for questioning. He was also treated for knife wounds on his hands.

An investigation has been initiated into the suspected homicide.

After a string of similar attacks over the Covid-19 regulation, Taiwan’s National Police Agency announced that it would increase patrols around convenience stores the next day.

An arrest in Pingtung county in September resulted in a man in his 50s gouging out a store assistant’s eyes after he was instructed to wear a mask.

Multiple operations were needed to fix the victim’s detached retina and a broken nose.

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