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Jewelry Gift Guide for Every Relationship Milestone



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Celebrating relationship milestones should be fun and exciting for both parties involved. Traditionally, jewelry gift-giving has followed the standard dating rules—charm bracelets for budding love, promise rings for now, and diamonds for everything after. But then, when more than half of us are falling in love after swipes, it would seem as though the standard rules don’t apply.

Furthermore, modern-day relationship milestones encompass more than before. Birthdays celebrated together, first trips, first family holidays, moving in together, and more are now worth commemorating. This may seem like a lot to take in. However, there’s no need to panic. Here at, we’ve got you covered. Follow these simple jewelry gift ideas along the way, and see what happens with confidence.

The Beginning of a Relationship

Month 1 – BAE Vibes Only

After the meet-cute, your budding relationship has several alternative endings. For now, you want to shower your partner with gifts. At the beginning of any relationship, you don’t want to come on too strong. Therefore, you should start with something simple and sweet like a minimalistic bracelet or coin pendant and chain. Choosing either of these jewelry gifts will show that you’re thinking of your partner without overdoing it.

Month 2 – Smitten Cool Cats

Another excellent option is a pair of uncomplicated earrings—small studs or light and flirty pair of dangling earrings. Earrings are a great gift, especially for casual or formal events. Alternatively, a small token of appreciation, say a small ring, works as well. For instance, small brass or copper rings are awesome relationship milestone gifts for the ladies who love to stack or for guys who prefer something subtle.

Additional Tip: If your partner is really into a particular thing like butterflies, the ocean, astrology, or skulls, then you can score some extra points by selecting a piece of jewelry that reflects their interest.

Month 3 – Falling for the Real You

By now, you guys have successfully navigated the airport together, survived the impromptu family gathering, and bonded with each other’s pets. In fact, it’s starting to feel like they may be the one—sounds like a cause for celebration.

Often, this is the perfect time for his and her matching sterling silver bracelets, cuffs, or symbolic pendants. In general, pendant necklaces say a lot and can easily be transformed into a treasured memento with a meaningful design.

Any of these everyday pieces allow you and your partner to demonstrate to the world that your feelings run deep, and you’ve seen some things.

In-Between Stages of a Relationship

Month 4 – Ghost Proof jewelry

Reaching month four in a relationship is a milestone in and of itself these days. There are several jewelry pieces worth considering if you and your partner are getting ready to celebrate this occasion. Standard go-to gifts here include symbolic pendant necklaces, gemstone rings, crystal pieces, and turquoise jewelry.

These particular items add a personal touch and can brighten one’s outlook on the future. Moreover, selecting a gorgeous crystal amulet and necklace that offers healing properties and well wishes shows you care about your partner’s overall well-being in a light-hearted way.

Month 5 – Are We a Thing?

After comparing birth charts, it may be time to define things, if you haven’t already. The ideal piece of jewelry to honor this occasion should be precious but straightforward. Typically, gold (14-K, white, rose, etc.) or other precious metals like platinum and titanium are lovely ways to take your jewelry gift-giving to the next level. Remember, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, and maybe it’s even time for a necklace or ring that reflects an inside joke you two share.

Month 6 – You’re My Person

Things have gotten potentially serious; congratulations. Now, holidays and birthdays will test your gift-giving abilities like never before. The good news is that you probably have a good idea of what your partner does and doesn’t like by this point in your whirlwind romance.

Moreover, occasions like these are always a great excuse to make any piece of jewelry stand out among the rest. An easy and cost-effective way to accomplish this is to get a favorite piece engraved, or spruce up a new item with heartfelt words.

Happily, Ever After Jewelry

Year 1 – A Modern Fairy Tale

If all signs ahead point to marriage, it might just be time to start shopping for engagement rings. Whether you plan on a long or short engagement, finding the right ring is essential for both parties involved.

Additional Tip: Much like the dating scene, wedding/engagement rings have changed with the times. Therefore, you should absolutely check out the non-traditional options. Modern lovebirds are now into vintage engagement rings, organic stones settings, tattooed rings, and more.  Wedding bands are also more personal. This is evident from the wealth of non-traditional precious metals and designs being used.

Year 2 – My Better Half

After the I Dos and the commitment ceremonies, you may be asking yourself what comes next? That’s cute. Whether you’re looking for push presents, traditional anniversary gifts (year 1- gold, year 2- garnet, and year 3- pearl), or something else, jewelry never hurts.

For instance, if you’re expecting a bundle of joy, proper etiquette and Beyoncé both approve when it comes to giving the gift of jewelry to mark the occasion. Unsurprisingly, push presents in the form of jewelry are often gemstone or diamond pieces. Pearl jewelry is also starting to make its way into baby moons and delivery rooms.

Year 3 – Are We There Yet?

As your blissful relationship continues, remember the gift of jewelry is timeless and generally welcomed for all occasions. You’re even allowed to give yourself the gift of jewelry because you’ve earned it, and self-care is king/queen. Regardless of who you’re treating, it’s vital to celebrate relationship milestones.

Final Tip: A keepsake/family heirloom is a terrific way to mark special occasions or the passage of time. In doing so, you can keep love, joy,and good times alive for years to come.

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