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Fifteen Rescue Workers Called to Assist 500 lb Woman in Bangkok



Fifteen Rescue Workers Called to Assist 500 lb Woman in Bangkok

A woman weighing  500lbs (230 kilograms) was rescued in Bangkok by fifteen rescue workers and moved to a community isolation centre on Wednesday night.

A rescue staffers from Siam Nonthaburi Rescue Foundation posted on his Facebook page team was called to a house on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in Bangkok’s Don Muang district at 9pm.

They were to transport a family of three, who tested positive for Covid-19, to a community isolation centre to wait for hospital beds.

The family comprises a 65-year-old mother, a daughter and a nephew. Six rescue workers who first arrived at the scene could not get the mother, who lived on the second floor, down to the ambulance as she weighed around 500lbs.

The staffers had to call the foundations head office to send nine more men along with high-elevation rescue equipment to help bring the obese woman down.

After the mother was successfully brought down to the ambulance, rescue workers sprayed the house and nearby areas with disinfectant.

The Nation News reported that a community isolation centre had earlier sent an ambulance to the house to pick up the daughter and the nephew so they could be quarantined.

But the two refused to leave the elderly women alone as she could hardly move and has many underlying health issues, which prompted the centre to call the rescue foundation for assistance.

Rescue dogs shipped to USA

In other news, Thailand’s Soi Dog Foundation has transported almost a hundred rescue dogs to the United States this month ahead of a recently announced import ban which came into effect.

The one-year ban on importing dogs into the USA from over 100 countries, including Thailand, was announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), providing Soi Dog with a narrow window in which to transport as many dogs as possible into the country to start their new lives.

Even more following an overwhelming response from Soi Dog supporters around the world, funds were raised to fly a total of 86 dogs in the space of just two weeks to Soi Dog’s partner rescue organisations across the country, from New York to California. The dogs are in the process of being adopted to loving families, with some already home and settled.

Soi Dog has also found homes in the USA for over 700 healthy, fully vaccinated dogs over the past four years alone, making it their most popular destination in terms of overseas adoption. For many rescue dogs, overseas adoption is their only hope of finding a home. It’s also vital in preventing overcrowding at their shelter in Phuket and creating space for the next dog in need. The shelter is currently home to over 1,500 animals.

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