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Does Video Gaming Cause Teens To Become Depressed?



There is simply no getting around the fact that the world of gaming has changed. Not only has it changed, but with live streaming services and downloadable content, the entire outlook on gaming has changed.

Heck, there was once a time when multiplayer gaming meant that you had to sit across your friends in the living and huddle around the same old system. This is certainly no longer the case.

Cross-platform gaming coupled with Internet capabilities gives players the ability to compete and communication with millions from around the world. Okay, there is simply no denying that gaming has changed, but so have the effects of gaming. Not only are more and more teens becoming addicted, but there is even talk about video games causing depression.

You Realize Your Own Value

Have you ever heard someone say that you might be good, but there is someone out there better? You might be tough, but there is someone out there tougher. Well, this is true. It doesn’t matter how good you are at a game or how tough you think you are, there is probably someone out there that can beat you.

And, this is a hard thing for a lot of players to swallow. The online platform connects players from all realms of the universe, and when the best meet with the best it can be hard for some to accept the fact that they are mere mortals. Of course, there is also a way that this could be spun in a positive light.

You Have Challenges To Overcome

There is nothing wrong with being great or even the best at something. Just ask any of the major players at sbobet mobile and they will tell you that this is more than true. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually grow tired with it or feel like you aren’t being challenged, which can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide.

This is one area where gaming can be seen in a positive light. Yes, it is true that there is always going to be someone out there that can best you, but this will give you a common goal to build towards. Something that you can strive for and work towards.

Improving Social Connections

Another positive light for video gaming is socialization, there was once a time when it was a stigma to have an online friend or online romantic interest. This is certainly no longer the case, as more and more couples are meeting and getting married online. Aside from that, this is just another area where video gaming can help with depression.

One can easily become depressed when they are locked away from the world. Now, you might be locked away just because you fear being out in society, and this is completely understandable.

Gaming, on the other hand, is one area where you can improve those socialization efforts. Online gaming today will allow you to connect and communicate with players in ways that were never entirely possible before.

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