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Cybercrime in Thailand and the Most Malicious Threats



Cybercrime in Thailand- The Most Malicious Threats

According to a statistic stated by the Pacific Prime website, cybercrime increased to 37% in Thailand more in March 2020 compared to February of the same year. The noticeable increase is attributed to the COVID 19 pandemic.

But what about cybercrime in Thailand?

Based on a statistic mentioned on the same website, cybercrime in Thailand could cost the Thai economy about 286 billion dollars, indicating how unprepared the different institutions in Thailand are for cybercrime, which leads to leaving the organization in Thailand exposed and vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially with the lack of experts who can save the country from a disastrous economic collapse.

Let’s bear in mind that the more reliant a country is on technology, the more sophisticated and malicious the threats get. On top of that, governments headed off to technology for being the only way to keep life going and decrease the pandemic impact on all life’s sectors like education, health, and economics.

While this step was vital to reviving those sectors, cyber criminals have played the game according to their rules and what serves their interests the best. Therefore, the excessive use of the internet was an opportunity that must be seized.

Hackers tools in Thailand

Here are some briefly listed cybercrime types that stroke many organizations in Thailand within the COVID 19 pandemic: (Source:

  • Identity theft: If a hacker could find a way to your login information, he would easily be able to manipulate others and use your personal information to transfer money, see personal messages, install malware or malicious files, and many other possibilities.
  • Phishing: In short, phishing tricks internet users into letting them send or give in their personal information. Similar attacks usually use fake emails, websites, or malicious links to let you fill a form or give your information to use an online service.
  • Malware: Malware is malicious software that causes multiple forms of harm. Similar software includes ransomware, viruses, spyware, and worms.

How to Stop Cyber Threats?

Avoid being the next victim on the list of cybercrime by following these steps:

  • Don’t click on links unless they are trusted, and you could recognize their source, and no matter how urgent and important the issue is, don’t rush clicking on whatsoever pops up to you. Instead, take your time reading and checking any boxes, pop-ups, or links that you don’t really know their source or purpose.
  • Keep your device protected using security software or a tool that hides your real IP address and location from hackers and snoopers. This step should be enough to maintain a secure and private internet connection. It’s also recommended to pick one of the best VPN services on the market. Many internet users have widely and globally implemented a VPN service to encrypt their data, besides privately unblock the major geo-blocked content, websites, and applications.

As for someone who lives in Thailand, 286 billion dollars’ loss due to cyberattacks is an alarming number that calls for an urgent action to secure your online presence and guarantee that your connection is privately handled.

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