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Chiang Mai Police and 200 Volunteers Hunt for Missing Toddler



Chiang Mai Police and 200 Volunteers Hunt for Missing Toddler

Police and volunteers in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai province have launched a search for a missing toddler girl who’s been missing since Sunday night. The young toddler went missing from her home in a remote village in Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai Province, her parents still hope to find her.

There have been no signs of the missing girl since the search, involving about 200 security officers and volunteers, began on Sunday. Police have also questioned a friend of the girl’s father who is being treated as the prime suspect in the girls disappearance.

Chiang Mai police, said the suspect has been charged with entering the Kingdom illegally, as he was found to be an illegal migrant from Myanmar.

A police spokesperson said the suspect is well acquainted with the missing girl, as he is a friend of her father and visited the family frequently.

Chiang Mai Police and 200 Volunteers Hunt for Missing Toddler

Toddler girl afraid of strangers

Chiang Mai Police continued interrogating the man while also looking for five cars suspected in being involved with the toddlers disappearance. Police are also checking with security cameras in the village.

The toddlers father told police he very much suspected his friend in having something to do with the disappearance of his daughter. Mali Pasi, 23, the girls mother told police that her daughter normally is afraid to talk to strangers, she believed it would be impossible for her daughter to leave the village alone.

The mother begged whoever has taken her from the village to bring her back to the family. She said her daughters birthday was next month and she was turning 2 years-old.

A neighbour who lives about 50 metres away from the girl’s house she saw the young girl walking alone when she as leaving the village on her bicycle. On spotting the girl the neighbour said ask the girl where she was going but she refused to speak to her.

She then left the girl and decided to tell another villager that she had seen the girl alone and she didn’t know who she was.

Police have also brought in sniffer dogs on loan from the border patrol police. On Tuesday Police and volunteers expanded there search of the area they were covering in the hope of finding the young girl.

If anyone has any knowledge of the young girls whereabouts, please contact her parents at +66 0631024438.

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