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Choosing a Better Lifestyle With the Best Apartments in the UAE

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Investing in property is a great opportunity to generate income or get tax benefits. The real estate market in the UAE offers a lot of opportunities for property owners: high rental apartments yields, the possibility of gaining a residence for estate owners faster, and acceptable prices.

In addition to this, the UAE is a perfect country for comfortable living with its advanced infrastructure, apartments, breathtaking landscapes, and working opportunities. According to Forbes, the prices for properties in the UAE have dropped down up to 40% this year due to the pandemic. Don’t lose the chance to get your dream house at a better price.

Discover the most profitable real estate options in the UAE and their prices in this article.

How to Choose Apartments Where You Want to Live

Determining your perfect conditions for living is an essential part of finding a suitable apartment. You need to consider some things before buying property in the UAE. First of all, keep in mind that you won’t be able to become a citizen of the UAE, no matter what property you own and how long you have been living in the country.

The government is concerned about Emirati national identity due to the fact that the foreign population outnumbers the native one. But there is no need to lose an opportunity to buy an apartment here because there are lots of advantages for foreign property owners. The country offers lots of options of apartment rentals for business traveler so you can benefit from this fact as well.

For example, you will not pay taxes on purchased property or the income you get from renting it. If you run a business, there is also no personal income taxes. Because of this, the UAE is often called one of the most comfortable countries for managing a business. That’s why, despite some visa restrictions, there are still a lot of people interested in getting a house there.

Golden visa laws for foreign investors were launched in 2019. This special government’s initiative program provides an opportunity of obtaining UAE residence for 5 or 10 years. For a five-year visa, one must invest not less than $1.35 million in a property, to get a ten-year residence, you will have to invest $2.72 million.

When you buy a house or a flat, the state ensures you get full and free property ownership, so you have the right to sell, lease, rent, and alienate your apartment. It also allows you to gain the profit of your investments as soon as possible.

How to Choose the Property

When making a decision about the kind of property you want to get, is it highly recommended to pay attention to the regulations of the 3 zones of UAE that provide different conditions for apartment owners.

Free-hold zones (the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and the Greens) let the owners manage the property the way they would like to and have complete control over it. Common-hold zones, such as Dubai Studio City or Dubai Outsource Zone, unite plot owners, so they could get apartment buildings or any other working spaces to run the business together. There are also lease-hold zones that require people to pay the whole amount of property and only become its owner after (leases are given for 10-100 years).

To choose the area that meets your requirements, and find the perfect house to buy Dubai, you should also determine its size, the number of rooms, the floor, and many other things. On Metropolitan Real Estate, you can set personal parameters and find your apartment quickly. Let’s take a look at the best options in the UAE.

The Prices for Property in UAE

If you dream about the perfect house or villa for family living, choose the unique upgraded one with an extended plot area, six bedrooms, a big swimming pool, and a modern design. This kind of Dubai apartment will cost you $7.6 million. There is also a cheaper option of the townhouse with 4 beds and baths, facing the pool and the park for $450.000.

If your dream destination is a high floor penthouse, choose the one with a panoramic sea view, 4 beds, 5 baths, fully furnished and designed, or you can get a brand new apartment to decorate it yourself. The price rates start at $80.000 and reach $5 million.

There is also an option to get a cozy flat in the downtown area. Enjoy upgraded apartments next to the subway with one bed and bath if you have a small family. The prices start at $90.000 up to $500.000.


The real estate market of the UAE provides many opportunities for comfortable luxurious living, running businesses, and getting a lot of advantages from buying property there. Find your perfect destination and make your dreams come true in a wonderful country where nothing is impossible.


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