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Trademark Registration in The European Union



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How to enter the markets of the European Union from Ukraine?

This question is more and more often asked by entrepreneurs and businessmen.

The first step is to choose a country and register a trademark.

Geographically Ukraine is favourably located in the centre of Europe, but there are certain nuances in the brand registration process.

In each European country taken separately, the process and procedure of documents collection differs dramatically, so it is better to appeal to professionals, the company

It is important to take into account the following factors:

– Local legislation in relation to foreign residents.

– Language barrier and its peculiarities.

– Availability of clear documentation and permits.

– Understanding of tax and accounting regulations for making payments.

As we said earlier in the article, each country has its own rules and peculiarities, for example in Poland, some of the procedures must be done with a notary, Germany is even stricter and requires a lot of supporting documents at the start, Estonia is very loyal, etc.

The first stage

Regardless of the choice of country, the applicant must verify whether he can register his trade and brand in a particular country.

The trademark must be presented as a unique structure. In rare cases, little duplication of data can be used.

The information includes both words and images.

Combined types of visuals can be used.

In each country, there is its own list of symbols and texts prohibited for registration.


Registration of a trademark or a mark in any country of the European Union, with the help of professionals, becomes a fast and exciting procedure.



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