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Nikitas Simion: Becomes Top Influential Figure in the African Market

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Nikitas Simion: Becomes Top Influential Figure in the African Market

Nikitas Simion is a committed entrepreneur from Romania who navigates businesses with the right vision and has years of experience supporting African markets. His passion and knowledge led to success in several endeavours and became a great personality who served in the real estate, hospitality and retail sectors.


Africa is the most beautiful place in the world, where nature thrives and has a vast potential to reconnect humanity with nature. Nikitas Simion believes in bridging people and nature in one of the most beautiful places to create consistent ROI.

Here, we will connect you with an influential figure in the African market who provides financial support to small African businesses to make a powerful impact around the world.

Maximise Revenues By investing in The Village Group – Dubai

By adding purpose to investment opportunities, Nikitas Simion set a positive footprint in the African industry by making a massive investment in The Village Group – Dubai. This group attract the attention of other visitors to maximize their revenues and has a long-lasting impact on future growth.

The Village Group is a part of multiple investments in Africa and originated in Zanzibar, Tanzania. After bridging a strong landscape with our investors, The Village Group has emerged which sets a great value for the tourism industry.

The design style of AZURE Michamvi Zanzibar development, never goes out of fashion, and the operators will manage the revenues generated by the villa rentals. There will be a zero-risk policy on all advanced payments, and all investments will be 100 % guaranteed.

corporate leadership

Adequate Planning & Execution to Connect Investors with African Culture

The Village Group Team of architects and designers creates the best concept for every location. They follow the process step by step to ensure adequate planning for management. The project management team ensures flawless construction, including 37 exotic villas.

Nikitas Adrian Simion took a great step in developing world-class facilities, including exclusive interior and exterior designs, top-quality commodities, and a scenic view of every room to strengthen visitors’ reach and make them feel like they are out of the world. When it comes to the management process, the facility management team handles daily operations, prioritize client satisfaction and increases ROI value.

The exquisite Villas will treated as a 5-star resort and profits will be paid in to the villas owners after the project becomes operational. To manage every process effectively, the resort will be monitored 24/7 via smart CCTV technology to avoid any kind of fraud cases or improper money management.

With a blend of modern look & exotic luxury, there will be different packages for every room. Whether you desire a rooftop view or a sea site view, every location serves your needs with world-class facilities.

Promote Green Energy & Sustainable Solutions

As the world is moving towards eco-friendly solutions, Nikitas Adrian Simion emphasises adopting sustainable development and ensuring that the villas operate completely from solar power. There is a proper backup electric generator system in case there is a sudden cutoff in electricity.

Also, reuse rainwater for irrigation in exotic gardens to keep them fresh and overwhelming. The entire construction utilised modern technology to provide the tourists with extraordinary services beyond their expectations.

By encouraging environmental preservation, he sets a new example of corporate leadership that puts people and the environment in profit without any trouble. To make a lasting impact worldwide, Nikitas Simion changes the narrative of African entrepreneurship and creates exotic opportunities for growth and ambitions.

AZURE Michamvi

Future Expansion and Vision

Nikitas Simion, as a great entrepreneur who comes up with extraordinary opportunities to alter young people’s perspectives via incredible accomplishments, with its upcoming development in AZURE Michamvi, Zanzibar, the main goal is to grow the business reach and support the local African communities in opting for more sources of income.

His business approach & positive attitude aim to establish a must-visit destination for local and international visitors to explore a memorable experience. He is clear about his vision and promotes best practices to give tourists an opportunity to get the best beyond their thoughts.

He focuses on quality and location to gain more publicity and to become a symbol of togetherness for people coming from different countries. The exotic interior and exterior designs serve beautiful elements that make you feel incredible and bring African brilliance to the attention of the world to make dreams come true. Our extraordinary service shapes the future of Tanzanian tourism and embraces future investments.

Craft Amazing Experience for Tourists

The world-class commodities attract visitors from all over the world. Experiencing the eye-soothing views helps you get the best of both worlds. Everyone wants to have that perfect shot that makes their followers jealous. Nikitas Adrian Simion keenly focuses on different user requirements and comes up with exceptional construction development that fills all your gaps to get an innovative travelling experience.

Nikitas Simion TVG Ventures: A Trailblazer in the African Investment and Economic Development

All the villas are fully furnished with the best interior design that keeps your eyes chocked. The beauty and elegance give new tourists a great opportunity to enjoy the fullest without complaints. The modern and traditional touch keeps you connected with our values and ethics and promotes customer centricity.

The Quality and authenticity of the 5-star resort create a moment to add a unique element to a worthwhile property. It becomes a profitable money-generating point for the villa owners by endorsing sustainability & social responsibility.

Final Words on Nikitas Simion

Lastly, all you need is a good environment and delicious food, and this is what Nikitas Simion focuses on. The exotic developments & extraordinary facilities not only highlights the best planning but also involves in the local community. Fulfilling each customer demand and upscaling the hoteling business in different locations is really a success for reaching great heights as an entrepreneur. This innovative approach is a tribute to Nikitas Simion’s economic mind to increase the options of additional investment for the local African people. His affirmed dedication and business mindset help them achieve continuous growth & build strong connections with the investors.

Nikitas Adrian Simion shapes the course of the company and encourages young leaders to embrace risk-taking and revolutionary transformation. As The Village Group Ventures attains great heights, Nikitas Simion reputation grows predominantly leaving a long-lasting impact on the community and worldwide.


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