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Why Do We Love Thai Women So Much?



No, this isn’t some tawdry sex-pat rumination. It is merely a short discussion about what it is we men find so appealing about the women that populate this magical country. And when I say “men”, I don’t just mean foreign men.

During my nearly two decades of living in Thailand I’ve never met a heterosexual expat who wasn’t attracted to Thai women and I also have never met a Thai man that prefers foreign women over Thai ladies. Correct me if I’m wrong.

So what is it that makes them such landslide winners in the global femininity race? Why does the annual Miss Universe pageant turn into “who can beat Miss Thailand”?

After grilling a wide variety of admirers of different ages, economic realities and nationalities, I find that everyone has their own set of reasons.

One of my fellow countrymen sang the praise of Thai femininity in general. “The women in my country are too busy trying to compete with men” he said. “I like girly-girls”.

Other guys were more specific about physical features common to most Thai women. “It’s the hair and nails” one Frenchman lamented. “That silky black hair, those immaculate hands and feet … and such nice skin!” A bit fetishistic, but mostly true nonetheless.

My friend from Italy didn’t even hesitate with his answer. “It’s the smile” he said. “When I met my wife I saw her smile across a crowded room before I ever got a look at the rest of her. I was history”.

I met a handful of other expats who were mostly enamored with the effect their Thai wives and girlfriends had on them. A giant Canadian said, “I’m a big bear and I like small ladies. I have this thing about being a protector.”

One Swiss guy said he even appreciated how manipulative and scheming his Thai girlfriend is. “She gets me to do whatever she wants, but she is so clever and smooth. It’s awesome!”

What we are really looking at here is what it is that makes Thai women seem so attractive compared to women from our home countries. I think the American was right.

Women from our country have lost much of their traditional femininity. They don’t seem to enjoy or take advantage of being female. They are the polar opposite of Thai women. Thai women don’t want to be men. They’re having too much fun being girls.

And that’s the story this picture tells. I took it near Emporium in Bangkok when I saw this young Thai lady sitting on a bench with her shoes off texting on her phone. She’s relaxed and natural with her honey-colored legs exposed and casually crossed.

It struck me that even though in business attire, she wasn’t wearing stockings or pantyhose. For some reason the women in my country feel compelled to turn themselves into sexless polyester androids with what I consider to be one of the all-time worst inventions ever … pantyhose. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Thai girl wearing pantyhose.

Why did I take this picture? It’s not that I’m a “leg man” really … but what those smooth naked limbs represent to me is the free and natural spirit of Thai women. They like being girls. And, they’re really good at it.

By Orlando Burton


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