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3 Ways to Save Money on Visitors & Super Visa Insurance

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3 Ways to Save Money on Visitors & Super Visa Insurance

Visa Insurance: Taking a trip to Canada? Great, it’s a fantastic country! But travel can be full of surprises, which is why there are so many questions about insurance for those coming to Canada.

Canadian travel insurance requirements

Regardless of whether you are insured in your home country, you must make sure you have Visitors to Canada Insurance before departure. Having health insurance in Canada is a necessity as health care in Canada is extremely expensive.

Frequent travelers can confirm that injuries and illnesses happen to even the healthiest of people, which is why Visitors to Canada Insurance is so popular.

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Super visa insurance quotes

Some insurance companies offer coverage which starts from the moment you board the plane (this option is not available for all insurance plans), and also covers you if you visit other countries on your way to Canada. Therefore, we stress the importance of buying insurance in advance. The best way to learn more about insurance options and their costs is to contact the insurance provider and request a quote. You will see how to do this below.

Insurance can also be bought after arriving in Canada. But it is important to note that many companies have a waiting period for those who have entered Canada without insurance. This period can range from 48 hours to 2 weeks depending on the insurance provider. Staying in Canada without insurance coverage can definitely be risky if you happen to require urgent medical attention during your trip.

What do you need to know before getting insured?

Although insurance requirements may vary depending on the type of visa you have or apply for, you can follow this simple guide below and explore your options!

1. Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa Insurance is required for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, who wish to visit their families in Canada under the Super Visa program. We recommend calculating an instant quote and choosing a suitable insurance plan here – Super Visa Insurance Quotes.

2. If you are coming to Canada under any of the following visas, you can use our Insurance Quotes Calculator to get a quote:

  •     Tourists
  •     New Immigrants
  •     Foreign Workers
  •     A Canadian citizen who is returning to Canada
  •     IEC/Working Holiday

You will need to specify the following:

  1. Are you arriving by yourself, as a couple, or as a family;
  2. Age at the start of insurance;
  3. Period for which insurance is required;
  4. Amount of insurance coverage or Sum Insured;
  5. Whether you have any pre-existing medical condition(s)
  6. Deductible amount

While you can’t change your age, you can still choose the amount of coverage and deductible you want to have on your policy. These are the factors that affect the cost of insurance.

Basically, the greater the amount of coverage from your insurance provider, the more expensive your policy will be. On the other hand, the more deductible you select, the less premium you will be paying at the checkout.

What should I do if I am not in perfect health?

They say that it is impossible for a person to be perfectly healthy, but if you still consider yourself one, then choose a “No” for pre-existing conditions when using our Quote Calculator. If you do need your policy to cover a chronic condition, be sure to specify it with a “Yes.”

While it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you indicate whether you have a pre-existing medical condition (i.e. chronic illness, past surgeries/injuries, heart or lung disease, etc.) and how many days has such condition been stable for.

Stability is often defined by no change in the medical condition, dosage and/or type of medication you take if any and you are not awaiting the results or have any further tests scheduled. In most cases, stability period would range from 90 days to 365 days depending on the insurance plan of your choice.

Such coverage comes at an additional premium you pay but you will be able to use your insurance in case there’s a medical emergency related to a stable pre-existing condition.

Not only may it save your life to receive necessary medical treatment, it will most definitely save you a significant amount of money if anything were to happen to you.

The first way to save money

The first way is obvious – don’t buy insurance. If you are a truly wealthy person and you can easily cover any treatment cost, missed connection flights or lost time, then why not?

Of course not! Rich people always have insurance in place both in business and their personal lives. Maybe that’s how the rich stay rich? 😉

The second way to save money

Reduce the amount of coverage. While this does contradict the very idea of avoiding unnecessary risks, it’s better to have slightly less coverage than none at all.

The third way to save

Add Deductible. Once you’ve seen the list of available plans, try to see how the prices change when you add a deductible (the amount of money that you will pay out of pocket for insured services).

Let’s say you select a $1,000 deductible with a $100,000 coverage amount. The price of your insurance will decrease a little as opposed to $0 deductible; but what does this mean exactly?

If you make a claim and the hospital bills you for $20,000 CAD, then $19,000 CAD will be paid by the insurance company and you will be responsible for paying $1,000 CAD. This is also important to discuss with your insurance agent, as the rules for using deductibles are different with different insurance companies.

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Health insurance plans, Health insurance quotes

Once you’ve calculated your personal insurance quote and reviewed plan details, there’s only one thing left to do – apply!

Hopefully you won’t have the need to use your insurance, but in the end it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially considering the fact that Canada has one of the most expensive healthcare in the world (for people without government insurance).

When it comes to finalizing your application, the easiest way is to buy insurance online; it is quick, and you can do it from anywhere at any time, even on your way to the airport!

If you’d like a more personalized approach, we recommend contacting our insurance advisors at Arbetov Insurance website via live chat or a phone call. They can assist you with finding a suitable insurance policy based on your individual needs and budget.

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