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Understanding the Things that Can Trigger Hallucinations



Understanding the Things that Can Trigger Hallucinations

What are hallucinations? Some things exist and we can see or feel them. An example is touching a car standing right in front of our house. It is there in reality so we can touch it. Hallucinations refer to things we see things or hear voices that do not exist. People who suffer from severe mental problems like depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia do hallucinate. It is only possible to get rid of this problem if it is treated and diagnosed at the correct time.

However, the important thing is knowing about factors that give birth to hallucination. Why do people hallucinate? What are the possible causes?

Here are 7 main triggering factors of hallucination

  • Schizophrenia

There is a real-world which exists in front of us. We live in it, meet people, and perform different tasks. This is not the case with someone who goes through Schizophrenia. These patients live in an imaginary world that is far away from reality. For instance,

A schizophrenia patient may imagine someone stabbing him or her even if the person is taking out a pen and not a knife. Hallucinations are quite common when it comes to these patients. A fact is that there are rarely any patients who do not imagine things of hearing voices. In a nutshell, this is one of the severe mental conditions that eventually lead to a complete nervous breakdown if not treated properly.

  • Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs that are almost impossible to quit. No doubt consuming it leads to different physical damages. However, these are not the only problems that cocaine addicts face. They end up with multiple mental problems as well.

  • A cocaine addict would mostly live in an imaginary world. These addicts are usually extremely happy or very sad. When the drug intake loses its effect, they go into further sadness. Cocaine Abuse is one of the major triggering components for hallucination. If you talk to most people who take cocaine, they will tell you about voices and images which simply do not exist. They are only in their minds.
  • In a lot of cases, hallucinations can lead to suicide as well. For instance, hearing that you should jump from the top of a building may make you do so.
  • You must realize that understanding cocaine addiction and treatment is imperative. More than anything it is important to stay away from addictive.
  • Depression and Anxiety

There is absolutely no doubt that depression and anxiety can cause a lot of mental damage. Some people simply do not recover from these problems. Instead, they keep going deeper. This is where hallucination comes into play in the worst stages.

  • According to research, depression patients start hearing voices when the problem worsens beyond a particular margin. The same is the case with the ones who go through anxiety. They are stressed out all the time so start imagining things when life is not going their way.
  • Anxiety is a chronic issue like depression and combating it becomes hard if the right methodologies are not adopted.
  • Withdrawal from Alcohol

From the moment, you have your first drink, be prepared to battle a complex problem. Alcohol majorly affects the liver. Alcoholics usually must go for transplants and most of them die due to a donor not being available. However, alcohol withdrawal has various mental adverse effects as well. One of them is hallucinations. People start seeing objects and images that are not there. Why do they experience this problem?

To start with, when someone consumes alcohol regularly, his body becomes addicted to it and functions accordingly. Similarly, when that person quits alcohol or undergoes alcohol rehab for addiction, the mind and body experience opposite effects.

Hallucination is one of the problems experienced. Because your body does not get alcohol, the mind stops functioning properly and you start depending on imaginary things.

  • Insomnia

Sleep is very important and people who are unable to do so develop insomnia. Worst insomnia patients are even unable to sleep for two to three days or even more. This leads to various mental problems including hallucination. Due to lack of sleep, their mind stops working at par. As a result, they start hearing voices and seeing faces that are not there. These images may be of people who have passed away.

  • Migraines

Migraines cause severe headaches in half of the head. This can be a very tough situation for people who face it regularly. Apart from taking severe medication, they must deal with hallucinations as well. In case of a migraine attack, the mind stops functioning for few seconds and this is when hallucinations are experienced.

At times, the patients return to normal after the attack is over. In other cases, it can stretch for a longer span. Migraine patients usually must go through extensive medication which eventually gets rid of hallucinations.

  • Glaucoma

Hallucinations are not always related to mental problems. They take place due to visionary issues as well. Glaucoma is a serious eye-related problem where the patient gradually loses sight. When this problem becomes severe, people start seeing things that do not have any existence. This is because their visionary system stops functioning properly. A high percentage of glaucoma patients have chronic hallucination problems.

Cocaine addicts should visit Rehabs

Any form of drug addiction cannot be treated if the right techniques are not in play. You cannot battle cocaine addiction without getting admitted to rehab. Why is it so important?

  • Cocaine addicts mostly have disturbed and demented life. This is the root cause because of which they become addicts in the first place. Rehabs work on the environment and provide a healthy atmosphere to the patient. He starts giving importance to his life and develops the will to live.
  • Rehabs develop a proper schedule for patients so that their dependence on cocaine stops. This is again a gradual process that takes time. The most important factor which Rehabs work on is the development of willpower. They provide the strength to addicts for quitting cocaine. In a nutshell, getting admitted in a rehab is quite important for rehab addiction.


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