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Stress and Anxiety: CBD Oil for Sleep and Relaxation



CBD oil for sleep and relaxation

Today, scientists have found many benefits of using CBD oil and other CBD products such as nuleaf daily. Your sleep is a very regulated process. The so-called circadian rhythm controls your body and its functions, also known as the sleep-wake cycle.

It means that all processes are synchronized in 24 hours. In order for this to work, the body’s own (endogenous) signals are essential. Therefore, melatonin production also depends on it. According to CBDLife, consuming high-grade CBD Hemp extract capsules is just as effective as using CBD oil in the long term.

However, when stressed and anxious, your sleep cycle is highly modified, affecting your whole organism.

Besides, as CBD is legal in Europe, you can now choose your favourite CBD flower online and ore it for delivery at your doorstep legally.

Why is a night of good sleep so important?

If you want to stay fit, you have to get enough sleep. Various processes occur during your sleep that allows your body to fit the next day and naturally remain healthy eventually!

Of course, there are exceptions. But sleep is a basic need and essential for your mental performance.

Sleep cycles: more than asleep — sleeping — waking up

You go through a sleep cycle at night in two phases of sleep with different properties, divided into the non-REM and REM phases. They are visible from the waves in the electroencephalogram (EEG for short). The electrical activity of the brain is measured and recorded.

The non-REM phase is divided into stages 1-4. Stages 1 and 2 are considered light sleep with a low wake-up threshold. Stages 3 and 4 are defined as deep sleep and referred to as “slow-wave sleep” (SWS), as the amplitudes in the EEG become increasingly more significant and the frequency smaller and smaller. Stage 4 has a high wake-up threshold. As a result, the breathing, and heart rates increase in your body.

REM sleep, also known as dream sleep, is characterized by a very intensive eye movement (REM = rapid eye movement) and is very emotionally stressed. Nightmares can occur during this phase. In addition, your blood pressure and body temperature usually decrease during this phase.

A complete sleep cycle takes about 90 minutes and is repeated 3 – 4 times per night, depending on the person and sleep! Did you know that sleep phases shift with age? Light sleep increases (stages 1 and 2), the REM phase, deep sleep, and sleep duration decrease.

Which CBD oil for sleeping?

If you are “only” interested in finding out whether CBD makes you sleep better, you can test almost any CBD oil for sleep. We would advise you to use a broad-spectrum hemp extract because that way, you can benefit from the particular herbal synergies of the ingredients of the hemp plant that are convincing. Select one of our CBD oils, apply the recommendations, and off you go.

There is also CBD oil for sleeping with other active ingredients such as melatonin and/or valerian. More on this below (CBD & melatonin — good combo for falling asleep and staying asleep?).

Melatonin and your sleep

Melatonin is the hormone in your body that regulates your sleep rhythm. Your body produces it, depending on the incidence of light. Melatonin production is suppressed in daylight and significantly increased in the dark at night.

Therefore, for a night of good sleep, you must keep your surroundings as dark as possible because this is the only way your body’s melatonin production is maximized!

  • Good to know: Your sleep is a reversible behavioural state that you regularly adopt. Your body goes through a sleep cycle that consists of two phases several times a night. Your sleep is controlled thanks to the circadian rhythm and the associated body’s melatonin production.

What does the CBD oil dosage look like then?

In this guide, we have explained how you can optimize your sleep behaviour and sleep. But, of course, you could expand the whole thing and use other CBD products from us, especially when you don’t feel like having a bath every evening.

But what is the proper dosage of CBD oil? It differs from person to person. Various CBD sleep studies present the CBD sleep experiences of the test candidates.

But again, very specifically: Is there an ideal CBD oil dosage for sleep disorders?

There are still no specific instructions on the dosage for various complaints in most cases, even though the topic of CBD oil and sleep is no longer new. Unfortunately, the same still applies to CBD for sleeping in general and the correct dosage of CBD oil for sleep disorders.

But there is at least one kind of “crutch” you can use to help yourself here. In this case, it’s a simple method that everyone can use to find the ideal dose in a very uncomplicated way: “Start low — go slow!”

That means: start with little concentration by choosing JustBob’s CBD oil, and gradually increase until the desired effect occurs.

So, what are you waiting for to start using one of the best natural products, as CBD is now legally sold online on the best CBD online stores?


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