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Fibonacci Series – A Unique and Universal Sequence

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Fibonacci Series

While dealing with various entities, many times it has been observed that there is some kind of pattern, that is being followed in the values. These patterns once observed can help us in solving the problems easily as they follow a particular property. There are many sequences in math that we have to study. A sequence is an order in which things are arranged and follow each other. Suppose a number is increased by exactly one number, then the difference between any two numbers of that series is always one and hence it becomes easy for us to solve such series. In this article we will be discussing one of the most crucial sequences, that has great importance in math as well as in coding, it is known as the Fibonacci Series. We will look into Fibonacci numbers and Fibonacci sequence, which are extremely important in the field of mathematics.

Fibonacci numbers: These are the fundamental numbers of the Fibonacci Series. It’s a well-known series, so everyone has heard of it. It is also said that these distinctive Fibonacci numbers can be found in a variety of structures, including animals and plants. Nature’s hidden code is also referred to as these numbers. One thing to keep in mind is that Fibonacci numbers are only whole numbers. These numbers are known as Fibonacci, and they are arranged in a series to form the Fibonacci sequence.

Consider any two numbers, such as 0 and 1. When we add these numbers together, we get a new number that is one again. Repeat the process, but this time add the last two digits, which are both one. We’ll obtain the response as two and keep going in this manner. We’ll obtain a sequence that looks like this: 0,1,1,2,3,5, … All of these numbers are Fibonacci numbers. One of the unusual qualities of these numbers is that they can be found everywhere in nature. The sunflower is one of the most well-known flowers with a Fibonacci pattern. Aside from that, there are a few more flowers that follow the same pattern, and all of these flowers are also referred to as Fibonacci flowers. The Fibonacci sequence is also known to be followed by starfish, which are widely seen in the sea.

Fibonacci Series: When all of the Fibonacci numbers are added together in a row, they form a series known as the Fibonacci Series. Every term in this sequence may be found, by adding the two numbers before it. We also have a known formula for locating any missing terms in a Fibonacci Series. The Golden ratio is another essential characteristic of this sequence. Take any two consecutive numbers from a Fibonacci sequence. Divide them, and one will notice that their ratio is always quite near to the value 1.618034. Take two numbers, such as 5 and 8, to help us comprehend. When 8 is divided by 5, the result is a ratio of 1.6. As a result, it demonstrates that the Golden ratio applies to any two successive numbers in a Fibonacci sequence.

The Fibonacci Series and numbers are fundamental mathematical notions. Students must thoroughly understand these topics and learn all of the subject’s principles because they have various applications in our daily lives. This notion is vital not only in mathematics, but also in other subjects, and it has a large impact. All learner needs put in a lot of practise time to learn these principles.

We attempted to cover all of the important concepts connected to the Fibonacci numbers and sequence in the preceding post. These subjects should be well researched. There are several internet resources accessible to direct students in the proper direction. These are fantastic locations for students to learn and master such disciplines. Cuemath is one such platform that excels at educating kids. Cuemath is an excellent option for kids because it simplifies the learning of math fundamentals. Cuemath should be used by anyone, not only children, who want to learn and comprehend the principles of mathematics.


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