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Northern Thailand Residents Warned About Flesh-Eating Disease

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CHIANG RAI  – People in the northern Thailand have been warned to be aware of a flesh-eating disease, which usually spreads during the wet season.

The warning comes after 25 people were treated for the infection in Nan province in July, with one case being admitted to intensive care unit.

A hospital representative said that anyone with cuts on their feet, having waded in muddy water or through a flooded rice field. Should immediately clean the wounds with clean water and then apply disinfectant.

The early signs of a flesh-eating disease, or necrotizing fasciitis, is characterized by redness, swelling and pain in the affected area. Blisters may form and a fever, nausea, vomiting and other flu-like symptoms are also common.

People with compromised immune systems or diabetes are more susceptible to the disease.

Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), commonly known as flesh eating disease, is an infection that results in necrosis of the body’s soft tissue.

Last year saw 19,000 flesh-eating disease cases nationwide, the Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Public Health reported.

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Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF) – Flesh-Eating Disease

Necoritizing fasciitis — commonly known as flesh-eating disease – results in the decaying of the body’s soft tissue.

Bacteria attacks the skin and the tissue beneath it (fascia, which surrounds muscles, nerves, fat and blood vessels), often spreading quickly — sometimes at the rate of an inch an hour — and leads to toxic shock syndrome, which causes the organs to shut down.

Immediate side effects include high fever, nausea, diarrhea and chills. As it progresses, the skin becomes bright red, swollen and shiny, before blistering and, in worst-case scenarios, becoming open wounds.

Symptoms typically start within hours after an injury and can include severe pain or soreness, similar to that of a “pulled muscle.” The skin may be warm with red or purplish areas of swelling that spread rapidly


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